Is Apple Pencil support finally coming to iPhone?

iPad Pro 2020 Apple Pencil Batman Hero
iPad Pro 2020 Apple Pencil Batman Hero (Image credit: iMore)

Apple Pencil isn't just for creatives. To highlight this notion, Apple's likely to add an essential feature for the writing tool in the coming weeks that could prove useful to everyone from students and teachers to business users. The move, however, only makes real sense if something else is announced. Could this be the year Apple Pencil support finally arrives on the iPhone?

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According to 9to5Mac, code in iOS 14 suggests big changes are coming to mobile Safari. Among the changes could be Apple Pencil support for the native app for the first time. If correct, the support could allow users to draw and markup website pages on the fly.

Cupertino launched the first Apple Pencil nearly five years ago. At the time, the wireless stylus only worked with iPad Pro tablets and was marketed to the drawing and note-taking crowd almost exclusively, as was the iPad Pro itself. Since then, first-generation Apple Pencil support has been extended to other iPad models, including the 2019 iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad. The second-generation Apple Pencil arrived in late 2018. This model, which offers magnetic wireless charging, only works with iPad Pro models that have a USB-C connector.

While it added Apple Pencil support to non-iPad Pro models, Apple also began highlighting the writing device's ability to markup documents in different apps. Adding support to mobile Safari, by itself, isn't a big deal. However, if it's coupled with bringing Apple Pencil support to iPhone, it could be a game-changer.

I believe we're likely to see Apple Pencil support arrive in iOS 14 for the upcoming iPhone 12 series. Further, a next-generation Apple Pencil (also for iPhone?) could launch in the color black. Previous models, of course, are white.

Why stop there? Wouldn't it be even better if you could purchase Apple Pencils that match the color of your iPad or iPhone? Hopefully, we'll hear more about Apple's upcoming Apple Pencil plans in the coming weeks.

This year's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicks off on Monday, June 12. At that time, we should hear more about Apple's plans for iOS and iPadOS. Stay tuned!

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