Apple Music Radio: Everything you need to know

Apple Music Radio Hits Hero
Apple Music Radio Hits Hero (Image credit: Luke Filipowicz / iMore)

People like to say that radio is dead, but the huge upgrade and expansion of Apple Music Radio would beg to differ. Apple Music has always had a Radio tab in the Music app that any Apple Music subscriber had access too, but its not just a place to listen to 24/7 radio stations. With programming across three different stations and a lot of extra cool features, here's what you need to know about Apple Music Radio.

Apple Music Radio stations

When Apple Music launched years ago it only had one radio station — Beats1 — and it was the home to all of its original programming and offered different genres of music. Now, Apple Music has three radio stations each with a slightly different focus.

Apple Music 1

Apple Music Radio 1 Screenshot

Apple Music Radio 1 Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Basically, Apple Music 1 is just a rebranding of the Beats1 radio station. You'll still be able to listen to fan-favorite programmings — like The Zane Lowe Show, The Matt Wilkinson Show, and more — and still get access to exclusive interviews of featured and upcoming artists.

Apple Music Hits

Apple Music Hits Radio Station Screenshots

Apple Music Hits Radio Station Screenshots (Image credit: iMore)

Apple Music Hits is dedicated to those classic bops that you just can't get our of your head. Playing hits from the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, Apple Music Hits has some great new programming hosted by artists like Shania Twain, LowKey, and Estelle.

Apple Music Country

Apple Music Country Radio Station Screenshot

Apple Music Country Radio Station Screenshot (Image credit: iMore)

Country music is one of the fast-growing genres in music today with tons of new and upcoming artists in the space delivering amazing music. Apple Music Country is your 24/7 radio station completely dedicated to the twang of guitars, soulful lyrics, and party-inspired anthems that make modern country music so darn awesome.

Exclusive interviews and other goodies

Apple Music Interviews

Apple Music Interviews (Image credit: iMore)

The Radio tab in the Music app isn't only about the radio stations, you can also get access to exclusive interviews separate from the radio shows. These video clips are typically short and from the show the original interview on the actual radio show they first aired on, but a wide range of artists appear to talk about new projects, albums, or singles.

On top of the exclusive interviews, you'll find in the Radio tab, there's plenty of other goodies waiting to be found. Playlists from your favorite shows, so even if you missed the radio program you can still hear the music the show discussed and a ton of old shows you can go back and listen to on-demand, so you always have your finger on the pulse of the music scene.

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