Apple Music: The Ultimate Guide is coming soon... as an ebook!

As you might know if you've been following along with iMore recently, we've written, oh, just a couple articles on Apple Music.

Apple Music is, to quote the company, "All the ways you love music. All in one place." It offers a music subscription service, curated playlists, an always-on 24/7 radio station, and access to your Mac's library from any devices with iCloud Music Library.

Naturally, such an ambitious service isn't without its complications. We've heard from thousands of iMore readers and fans alike about their issues and confusions with Apple Music, the new Music app, and iTunes 12.2; we've written a ton about it on, but we know it can be a bit tricky to read; instead, we're compiling all of it into our very first ebook!

Those who followed me in my Macworld days may remember I helped build the magazine's ebook program and put out over 30 ebooks during my tenure there; as such, I've been wanting to build ebooks of iMore's great Ultimate Guide content for ages. I'm especially excited that we're going to get to do so for Apple Music, a subject we've been working hard to cover thoroughly over the last month.

The book will be $4.99 and chock-full of our articles, detailed screenshot diagrams, and more. Here's our elevator pitch:

If you want to love Apple Music, but it's got you scratching your head, we've got the guide for you.In this book, we cover Apple Music's basics, the difference between Apple Music and iTunes Match, what iCloud Music Library is (and what it does), and how to use iOS 8.4's Music app, Apple Music Siri commands, and iTunes 12.2.

We hope you'll love the book—it's certainly going to be a labor of love from all of us. We're starting pre-orders today on the iBooks Store, and the book itself will be out on August 20 on the iBooks Store and (we hope!) the Kindle Store.

If you liked our Apple Music coverage and want to help support iMore in the writing of even more great how-to and editorial content, pre-ordering the book is a wonderful way to do that and will get you many happy feelings from Rene and myself. Sending the link to your Apple Music-befuddled friends: also awesome.

Serenity Caldwell

Serenity was formerly the Managing Editor at iMore, and now works for Apple. She's been talking, writing about, and tinkering with Apple products since she was old enough to double-click. In her spare time, she sketches, sings, and in her secret superhero life, plays roller derby. Follow her on Twitter @settern.