Apple Music Voice Plan: Everything you need to know

Apple Music Voice Plan
Apple Music Voice Plan (Image credit: Apple)

If you're a current Apple Music subscriber, you know that Siri is a great way to interact with your favorite music — Apple thinks so too. So much so that the company is launching a new and cheaper monthly plan for Apple Music that only lets you use Apple Music with Siri. It's called the Apple Music Voice Plan, and here's what you need to know.

What is the Apple Music Voice Plan?

Apple Music Plans (Image credit: Apple)

The Apple Music Voice Plan is a more basic plan for Apple Music that requires subscribers to use Siri to browse and play music from a library of over 90 million tracks.

The Voice Plan gives one Apple ID access to Apple Music by using Siri, and it's available on all devices that share that Apple ID. So, if you have your best iPhone, iPad, MacBook, and your HomePod all hooked up to your Apple ID, you can use Siri to play your favorite tunes from any of them.

I have to use Siri for everything?

With the Apple Music Voice plan, it does appear you will need to use Siri for everything, including controlling playback. There is no skip limit, so you can easily skip songs as much as you want.

What are these new playlists?

Apple is adding hundreds of new activity-specific playlists and moods to Apple Music, so Voice Plan subscribers can find music to fit a certain mood or activity. You'll be able to say things like "Hey, Siri, play the dinner party playlist" or "Hey, Siri, play something chill."

How much does it cost?

The Apple Music Voice Plan will cost $4.99 a month. There is a free 7-day trial that non-subscribers can sign up for by saying, "Hey Siri, start my Apple Music Voice trial."

When does the Apple Music Voice Plan launch?

It's already launched! You can sign up for the Apple Music Voice Plan now!

The feature will launch in 17 countries/regions, which include Australia, Austria, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Spain, Taiwan, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

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  • That's very low price for access to the full music catalog and no skip limit. Music is generally razor thin profit margins. While Apple will save a bit on not streaming highest quality for this 4.99 tier and I'm assuming Siri only music control will limit skips which further saves Apple's cost, hard to see they will make any money off of this tier. It's likely an enticement to eventually move to the full tier (for 4.99 not a bad offer). .
  • I believe this plan isn't necessarily meant to make money itself. I believe it's to sell HomePod minis. Ultimately, the HomePod mini will be the best way to take advantage of this plan.
  • Really not sure how this is going to work. If you ask Siri to play Black Eyed Peas, is the Apple Music app not going to show Black Eyed Peas? Will the controls in the app not work? Will the controls on your AirPods Pro not work to skip tracks? You have to interact verbally?
  • The Music app still works with this plan, but you get a more stripped-down version, and ultimately, it tries to show you how to use Siri to play different artists, playlists, etc. You'll still be able to control playback from the Music app just fine and still have access to any of your music in your library already.
  • What a load of bs. I just tried to subscribe to the Music Voice Plan and wasn't able to. Apparently previous Apple Music subscribers cannot purchase this plan. It is only for "new subscribers". It took me two days and several online chats and phone calls to find this out. Their only solution was to resubscribe to the Apple Music plan again.......