Apple News+: Everything you need to know

Apple News+ is a new service offered by Apple that adds magazines to its existing Apple News app, meaning you can get all your news and magazines in the same place!

What's new with Apple News+

Texture to shut down May 28, 2019

While we have known for a while that Apple News+ was going to take over the mantle from Texture sometime later this year, it's now official that Texture will cease to exists come May 28, 2019.

Luckily, if you're a texture subscriber, all of the magazines you read are available in Apple News+, when you switch over your subscription you should miss a beat.

What to learn everything there is to know about Apple News+, iMore has you covered.

Apple News+: The Ultimate Guide

What is Apple News+?

Apple News+ is a new subscription model of the Apple News app that includes magazines, meaning the app will allow you to subscribe to magazines and recommend magazines and magazine articles to you right from the News app.

It also has digital subscriptions for newspapers and other media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times, Vulture, TechCrunch, and more!

Which Magazines are available?

There's a ton of magazines that Apple showed of at the event (stating there was over 300) including National Geographic, Rolling Stone, Time, New Yorker. Popular Science and so much more!

Which countries is it available?

Apple News+ will be available in the U.S. and Canada starting right now. Later this year, Apple plans to bring the new service to Australia and the United Kingdom later this year, and it also has plans to expand the service to other countries in Europe as well.

When will Apple News+ be available?

If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can get Apple News+ today! You just need to update the News app and you'll be able to purchase a subscription to Apple News+ right now!

How much does it cost?

An Apple News+ subscription will cost $9.99 (USD) per month, and there is a promotion to try Apple News+ for a one-month free trial! Canadians will have to pay $12.99 (in Canadian dollars) for the same service.

Does Apple News+ support Family Sharing?

Yes, it is! With one subscription you can share Apple NEws+ with your entire family, and each member can have their own favorites and personal feed just for them!

Do you have to subscribe to Apple News+

No, you don't have to get an Apple News+ subscription to enjoy the Apple News app as you always have. You can still use the News app to read articles curated for you by Apple, you only need a subscription to Apple News+ to enjoy the magazines and other subscription benefits.

I already subscribe to Texture, what does this me for me?

According to our very own Rene Ritchie, Texture is will be going away come May. Apple News+ should feature all the same (if not more) content you're getting from Texture, but your subscription likely won't carry over.

IThat being said, if you pay your monthly subscription through iTunes, it appears that your magazines automatically come over to Apple News+ once you sign up for the new service. Links to the magazines show up near the top of the Apple News+ page in the News app.

There's no telling for sure if this will continue to be the case once Texture is killed off, but for now, it does appear that Apple News+ is allowing you to view your Texture content.

Are you excited?

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