Tim Cook Apple TV+Source: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple could be making a huge change to Apple TV+.
  • A report says Apple wants to add augmented reality to the service.
  • It would come in the form of characters and objects on your iPhone or iPad that could be integrated into your environment.

A new report says Apple is planning to add augmented reality content to its Apple TV+ streaming service.

According to Bloomberg:

Apple Inc. is planning to add augmented reality content to its Apple TV+ streaming video service, seeking new ways to attract and retain subscribers and drive interest in AR technology.

In the new feature, elements of a TV show, like characters or objects, would be displayed on a viewer's phone or tablet and integrated into the surrounding environment. For example, someone watching a moon-walking scene in the Apple show "For All Mankind" might be able to see a virtual lunar rover on their device's display, seemingly perched atop their living room coffee table. The option would serve as bonus content akin to the director commentary or trailer that accompany a movie download and would be accessed from Apple's TV app on the iPhone or iPad.

The report says the feature will debut "next year" ahead of Apple's rumored AR headset. Apparently, the feature was supposed to debut this year but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The news comes following reports Apple will also roll out a new subscription service bundle as soon as October of this year, incorporating all of Apple's services, including iCloud storage plans, into a bundle to save users a few dollars each month.