Apple releases iOS 7 beta 4 - developers, go get it!

Apple has just released iOS 7 Beta 4 to developers. It's now available over-the-air (OTA) and on-device via Settings > General > Software Update, and should be soon as complete download via the newly restored (opens in new tab) as well.

The only public-facing information about it right now is that it contains bug fixes and improvements. iOS 7 remains under non-disclosure (NDA) as Apple prepares it for public release this fall.

Rene Ritchie

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  • Just install OTA!
  • Still not available for me ota.... It popped up once but hasn't come back
  • Go into about and then quickly to software update, it should work after that Sent from the iMore App
  • OTA isn't working for me. Unable to connect. Even after reboot. Sad trombone.
  • Working for me no problem...currently updating iPhone and iPad Mini. Hopefully they fix the ability to interact with the menu bar of other apps while on the phone, using maps or while tethered. For instance I am not able to see notifications in Facebook while using the features I mentioned above.
  • Still not fixed? Dang. I noticed this bug on beta 3...
  • Nope...still not fixed
  • That's because the app hasn't been optimized for iOS 7
  • the ota downloaded and installed on my iphone 5 and ipad 4 no problem. this update definetely seems much smoother and gasp! now i can connect my ipad and iphone to the same net work without one of the devices forgetting the network yeyyyy
  • definitely is more smooth and there are some UI refinements (et al lockscreen, etc)
  • OTA worked on iPhone 5 but not iPad 4.
  • Then you can manually download ipsw from here: and use update button in iTunes and select the ios 7 beta 4 version :)
  • Updated via OTA. Still shocked that in Beta 4 Apple still hasn't ironed out some of the more obvious kinks (i.e. adjusting volume in some apps causes them to crash) Along with the overall slow "studdery" fell of the OS. Big disappointment.
  • It's beta 4. There were 7 betas for iOS 6. be patient.
  • I have to admit that the oversized lock screen status bar introduced in beta 3 drives me crazy. (my carrier logo overlapping the notification center bar to be accurate) Nitpicker? Yes ;-)
  • I have the EXACT same problem. The status bar in lock screen is too big. I just want it to be just as big as the home status bar. :(
  • They added the slide left and right to notification centre :D It's also fixed some wifi issues I was having and not to mention the whole OS seems so much smoother.
  • ive noticed my service bars are more stronger.. meaning i have more service.. in a spot i had 1-2 bars for 10 years i suddenly have 5..
  • no, you don't have more signal... it's just being represented differently.
  • I'm not sure what's going on here but I have the same thing, 4-5 bars where there was 0-2 and I can actually load a web page. I'd never be able to post this comment previously. Maybe an AT&T specific updates baseband?
  • Changes in a device OS don't suddenly make RF propagation in a given location better. Or worse.
  • Yeah perhaps it is just AT&T, because no matter where I was at this location I would always have between 0-2 maybe 3 bars. That's a good thing now that I have full service. I think it is full service (because I think if the service bars were misrepresented, meaning you really have 0-2 as opposed to the 5 you are seeing on your screen, apps wouldn't work properly) because i sent a notification and it sent immediately.
  • iTunes search is broken in this build.
  • Still has solid black nc and solid grey cc. Miss the transparency :( Sent from the iMore App
  • Go into Settings>General>Accessibility and turn off 'Increase Contrast'
  • What iOS needs: 1. Smarter keyboard and Notes App
    2. Actionable and Interactive Notifications
    3. New camera features
    4. Better copy and paste functionality
    5. Multi-window support (iPad apps)
    6. Offline dictation and Siri
  • add to that real-time dictation, i would like to see the words appear as i say them, it would make it easier to formulate what i want to see, and be able to tell siri to go back and change the last word(s)
  • agreed
  • So glad this update fixed my (1) badge on my apps icon. It's been driving me nuts for 3 weeks! Sent from the iMore App
  • It fixed my problem where I couldn't restore purchases in some games without freezing the system.
  • Does anyone want to share the ios7 wealth? I have 4s and wondering if it will work as good as the 5.
  • Anyone notice updates with GarageBand? I would think changes would start showing up soon unless Apple waits to show off any enhancements with the GM.
  • I like the new spotlight: accessing it is easy and the look is nice. Apple should take it one step further by enabling the user to also search the web. I realize that the idea of spotlight is to search your device (mac, phone, ipad, etc.); but having all your searching needs in one place would be great. Get rid of the "Cancel" button (all you need to do is swipe down again to get rid of need for "Cancel") and replace it with the word "iPhone". If you click on "iPhone" it would then switch to show the user's default search engine ("Google", "Bing", etc.) So then when it shows "iPhone", you know you're searching your device, but if you click it to "Google", then the results would be Google search results.
  • I noticed I was unable to use the headset's remote on beta 2. Worked fine on beta 3. And now on beta 4 I can't. Anyone else notice it?
  • I wasn't able to use the headset remote properly since beta 2. A lot of issues, I'm tired reporting it, in the bug tracker. :p
  • The IOS 7 beta 4 on the iPhone 5 still does not allow you to share any videos from YouTube to Facebook and the Apple Maps does not recongize all addresses and give error messages when looking up common locations. Sad to say that the battery life is still not at it's best.