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What you need to know

  • Apple has released a tool to custom calibrate the Pro Display XDR with a spectroradiometer.

Today Apple announced a new calibration tool for owners of the Pro Display XDR. The tool will allow in-field recalibration of the display and enable color workflows that can be custom calibrated with a spectroradiometer.

The company announced the new tools in its firmware update release notes for the display:

  • Adds support for in-field recalibration of the display using Pro Display XDR Calibrator. Enables specific color workflows that may require custom calibration by an in-house spectroradiometer.
  • Minor stability improvements.

In its support document for instructions on how to measure and calibrate the Apple Pro Display XDR, Apple explains that each display is calibrated at the factory already in order to accurately reproduce common media workflows.

Every Pro Display XDR undergoes a state-of-the-art factory display calibration process on the assembly line to ensure the accuracy of the P3 wide color panel and the individual backlight LEDs. In addition, the factory calibration process enables sophisticated built-in algorithms to accurately reproduce a variety of color spaces used by media workflows today, including sRGB, BT.601, BT.709, and even P3-ST.2084 (HDR).

Apple Final Cut Pro X Optimization Pro Display XdrSource: Apple

The company then goes on to say that, if you do need to custom calibrate the display for your own specific workflow, how to do so using an in-house spectroradiometer as well as how to reset the calibration if need be.

Apple's Pro Display XDR was announced alongside the new Mac Pro and is Apple's only standalone display that was designed for professional workflow needs.

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