Jobs iPad 10 hour battery life

Yes, you read the title correctly. According to Apple's web site, If your iPad battery fails Apple doesn't want to bother opening the device to replace it -- they would rather ship you a completely new (no word on whether it's a refurb?) iPad to replace the faulty one within a weeks time period. Of course there is a fee involved - $99, plus $6.95 shipping.

If your iPad requires service due to the battery's diminished ability to hold an electrical charge, Apple will replace your iPad for a service fee. Note: Your iPad is not eligible for Battery Replacement Service if the product has been damaged, for example, as result of an accident, liquid contact, disassembly, unauthorized service or unauthorized modifications, or if the product is not operating correctly as a result of a component failure. Please review Apple's Repair Terms and Conditions for further details.

While we don't expect there to be major battery issues, some of us just may end up with bum batteries so it's probably a pretty good idea to get into the habit of backing up your iPad on a consistent basis in case you fall victim. That is if you want to secure all of your data (because if one day the battery dies, kiss your data goodbye).

Until Apple clarifies whether or not they'll be sending out refurbished iPad's I'm not so hot on this idea. Perhaps I'm being too picky but I'd rather bring my iPad into the store and have them swap the battery out while I wait and go home with my original device then and there and not have to wait a week for a refurb to be delivered. Also, we're assuming the $99 doesn't apply if you're still within the 1 year warranty to 2 years of AppleCare, but again we're waiting on confirmati

Enough about how I feel, what do you think?