Apple TV+ has highest average IMDb score of any streaming service

Tim Cook Apple TV+
Tim Cook Apple TV+ (Image credit: Apple)

What you need to know

  • A new streaming service survey says Apple TV+ has the highest IMDb average across its shows compared to rivals like Netflix.
  • That is likely in part due to its very small library of shows.
  • The report says Apple has put most of its stock in dramas, but these have very poor average ratings.

A new report says that Apple TV+ has the highest average IMDb rating for its content when compared to rival platforms thanks to its small library.

From Self:

We've analyzed the content on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney+, Apple TV+, and HBO Max to find out which one offers you the best content. Let's dig into the data.

Its first key statistic shows Apple TV+ has a very high average rating on IMBd for its titles:

AppleTV+ has the highest average IMDb score for its titles (7.24), but has fewer than 70 titles to choose from

The survey investigated which TV streaming platform is the best bang for your buck based on numerous factors including how much content is available, and the quality of said content:

For the quantity of content you get for your subscription price, Netflix's library is unmatched: it is over three times the size of its nearest competitor, HBO Max, which charges a flat $14.99/month offering no 'basic' option like the rest. Using IMBD ratings and scoring ranges we can see that Netflix offers the most titles of excellent quality, closely followed by HBO Max. Some analyses will look at the total number of content on these platforms (including paid-for movies and series') but we have only taken into account the content available to you at the price you pay per month.

Apple also did quite well in the family content section, with an average score of 6.94 on IMDb for family titles. Interestingly, the survey says that Apple has put a lot of stock into dramas on Apple TV+, but these aren't really doing so well:

Apple TV+ has put most of its effort into dramas (47) but only averages 3.9 IMDb score per show.

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