Apple TV Plus

What you need to know

  • New EU rules will require 30% of content be from Europe.
  • Apple TV+ currently has no European content.
  • Talks are already underway to rectify that.

Apple TV+ won't be here for another month but it's already hunting for new shows. This time it needs European shows in order to meet new rules introduced by the European Commission.

While those rules haven't been finalized yet they're expected to come into force towards the end of 2020. If things go as expected, content streamers will need to offer shows produced in Europe to the tune of at least 30% of its catalog. It's not clear yet quite how that 30% will be measured, but it's expected to be a concern for both Apple TV+ and Disney+.

While Variety notes that Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are already close to the 30% mark, that isn't the case for Apple TV+ or Disney+. The former doesn't have any European shows on its books as yet, although negotiations are said to already be underway with producers.

European titles in negotiation to join Apple TV's pipeline include "Faceless," a thriller produced by France's Leonis and Britain's Artists Studio and co-written by Virginie Brac ("Spiral"), and an English-language period series also produced between Britain and France. Apple also has an animated show in development with Gaumont.

Apple does have an advantage compared to Disney+, too. With so few shows available at launch it won't need to add too many to meet its quota. Disney+ by contrast has around 1,000 titles with only 4.7% being European. That leaves it a long way to go to reach 30%.

After months of waiting Apple TV+ arrives on November 1st and will cost $4.99 per month. Anyone who buys an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, or Mac will get a free year of service, too.