Apple TV+ mentioned again in NFL streaming talk

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What you need to know

  • Apple TV+ is again in the conversation regarding NFL streaming.
  • It comes with NFL about to renew nearly all of its media contracts.

An analyst has again floated the idea that the NFL could come to Apple TV+ as the NFL looks to renew "most if not all" of its media contracts.

From The Athletic:

The NFL is on the verge of renewing most if not all of its media contracts, a series of blockbuster deals that are set to send a new surge of revenue through the already flush league. One report last week pegged the NFL as roughly agreeing to the parameter of a deal to renew "Monday Night Football" with ESPN/ABC, though the NFL denied it... We asked four media experts for their predictions on what happens with the NFL packages, from Sunday Ticket to "Thursday Night Football."

One key opportunity is NFL Sunday Ticket, the slate of out-of-market games shown each week. Currently, this is held by DirecTV through the 2022 season. Analyst Neal Pilson notes that whilst this is expected to go Digital, companies like Amazon and Apple are probably not in the running. However, it's open season on Thursday Night Football. From Daniel Cohen:

"Thursday Night Football" is up for grabs across ESPN+, Amazon, and possibly Apple (though that's less likely if they need to produce the games exclusively). A lot depends on whether the NFL decides to continue along the tricast/non-exclusive path. If that is the case, we do not see a material increase (3-10 percent). In the event this package goes exclusive, we project a 25-50 percent increase.

Analyst Lee Berke, however, was much more chipper about Apple's NFL prospects, including Sunday games stating:

Also, don't count out Apple TV+ as a Sunday Ticket distributor — they need to grow their subscriber base, they have enormous financial resources, and may be looking to add key sports properties to their mix.

Whilst Apple TV+ has previously been mentioned as a home for both college football and the NFL, Apple's commitment to live programming and sports has been non-existent with Apple TV+ so far, unless you count Ted Lasso of course.

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