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Apple Watch Bands
Apple Watch Bands (Image credit: Rene Ritchie/iMore)

Apple Watch is a wrist computer, a health and fitness tracker, a notification system, a remote control, a communicator — all in one. It's also the first major new product category launched in the Tim Cook era. Though Apple's not talking, sales estimates put over 25 million Apple Watches on wrists, and that makes it the most successful wearable device in history. Apple is also currently the number one watch manufacturer in the world — topping Rolex as of September 2017.

Apple currently offers three versions of the Watch: Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular offers all the latest, greatest features, including a bright display; stand-alone LTE access for sending messages, using Siri, finding your way, and more; GPS for route tracking; and swim-proofing for water workouts and play. Apple Watch Series 3 GPS-only has fewer case options and skips the cellular route, but offers a more inexpensive entry into the super-speedy Apple Watch ecosystem. And Apple Watch Series 1 is the company's existing budget aluminum option: It eschews swim-proofing, GPS, a faster processor, and a brighter screen for a thoroughly great entry-point into the smartwatch and fitness-tracking ecosystem.

Apple Watch Buyers Guide

Apple has done a lot to simplify the Apple Watch product line: Gone are the myriad of different "collection" options and, in their place, a few different models and base pairings for you to start with, with a lot of bands to grow into. A lot a lot.

Still, with sporty aluminum, classic stainless steel, and "Edition" ceramic options, finishes from silver, space gray, gold, rose gold, polished silver, space black DLC, and white ceramic, and special versions in partnership with Nike+ and Hermès, there's plenty to choose from.

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Once you've purchased your Apple Watch, it's time to check out all the apps and accessories that can take it — and you! — to the next level!

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