Apple can update your new iPhone before you even buy it

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When buying an iPhone, we've come to accept that software updates to get to the latest iOS are just part of the setup process. For all of Apple's slick improvements to that process, there's always a period of time where we have to wait for our shiny new device to update - but that may not be the case for much longer.

Apple has been working on a system called 'Presto' for a number of months, but now it's being tested in stores according to a report iGeneration (via 9to5Mac).

iGeneration's coverage says Presto is a "small two-spoke locker that is similar to a toaster" in some ways".

It can hold up to six iPhones, with guard rails to keep them in place. You can check out the image from the site below, with Presto expected to be rolled out in the US this month following trials at some stores.

Apple Store Presto unit

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How does Presto work?

iGeneration has also reported on how Apple is able to update your new phone without opening the box, and it's really quite impressive.

The site reports that a Mac Mini runs things, and devices are added to a queue by scanning the box.

"But the system also lets staff know which phones still need to be updated, and checks daily sales records to determine how many need to be prepped the next day," iGeneration reports.

"This queue can also list iPhones stored in stock and that need to be updated. Its content takes into account the store’s sales forecasts to choose the iPhones to take out of stock for processing.

"The team is constantly aware throughout the day of how many iPhones they need to go through Presto and which ones have been through Presto."

Essentially, there's always one model, with the right color, capacity, and overall model ready to go at any time. Impressive stuff.

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