Two more new iPads leaked ahead of fabled OLED iPad Pro, iPad Air launch — is Apple about to end its 18-month iPad drought?

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Just hours after two leaked iPad models were spotted in an online database, and ahead of a highly-anticipated iPad unveiling in the coming weeks, yet another set of iPad models has been clocked in the same spot, all but confirming Apple’s immediate tablet launch plans. 

As noted, earlier this week, two mystery iPads were spied in the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) database. While there was some initial confusion about whether they were actually new, it has since been confirmed that these are almost certainly two of Apple’s four new iPads expected to launch very soon. Now, MySmartPrice has spotted another two new iPad models, completing the lineup and getting us very excited for the next best iPad in the process. 

Earlier this week, iPads with models A2836 and A2837 were noted in the BIS database. Filings in regulatory databases in different countries are common when it comes to Apple product leaks. While they tell us next to nothing about the devices themselves (not even a name), usually they’re enough to confirm the existence of any such device, and we can piece together other information to join the dots. Regulatory filings are always left to the very last minute for exactly this reason, so any products found are normally days or weeks away. With a new OLED iPad Pro and iPad Air 6 touted for a late April/early May launch, it’s pretty clear these are the devices we’re looking at here.

New iPads imminent 

The new iPads spotted have the model numbers A2898 and A2899, according to the report. As noted, there’s no way to tell which of the four expected models these refer to, but given there are four new models anticipated and now, four unidentified filings, it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. 

Apple is expected to unveil a new OLED iPad Pro with an M3 chip in the usual 11-inch and 12.9-inch size configurations. Perhaps more excitingly, Apple’s new iPad Air is expected to debut the still-powerful M2 chip and get a brand new 12.9-inch size as well. A thin, light iPad Air with a 12.9-inch display could be an absolutely smashing device, combining the lightweight form factor of the Air with a much larger screen perfect for reading and drawing. The “Pro” features reserved for the more expensive models will still make the iPad Pro the top dog, but the 12.9-inch iPad Air will be the first truly new iPad in years. 

In a recent leak of four years of future Apple products, it was also touted that Apple could expand the Pro’s OLED technology to the iPad Air and iPad mini in 2026, presumably once manufacturing and component costs have fallen a bit more. Even further away, Apple is reportedly working on a foldable iPad behind the scenes tipped for 2027.

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