Apple's foldable iPhone is one step closer as Samsung Display begins internal reshuffle

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Samsung Display is making organizational changes in preparation for the launch of Apple’s foldable products, rumored to include a foldable iPhone, iPad, and MacBook. 

The news

This week, a new report from Korea’s The Elec revealed that Samsung Display “has carried out an organizational reorganization based on focusing its capabilities on responding to Apple's foldable products and establishing an independent microdisplay team for XR devices.” The Elec cites industry sources that claim Samsung “recently carried out an organizational reorganization”. 

Why it matters

An artist's conception of what a folding iPhone might look like

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Apple’s foray into the world of foldables is some way off. Still, many rival companies have successfully launched foldable phones and tablets, leaving the question of Apple’s response up in the air. We know Apple is working on multiple foldable devices but are yet to see any concrete rumors or leaks surrounding them. The news reveals this project is very much still on track.  

Inside the supply chain

According to today’s report “Display and LG Display are already working on projects for Apple foldable products, including 20.25 inches.” The measurement given is likely a device at its fullest extent, indicating Apple could be planning a foldable larger than any mobile device or MacBook it currently sells. 

The story so far

Google Pixel Fold

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We know of several foldable Apple products in production. It was recently reported that Apple could unveil a new foldable iPad as early as next year. We’ve also heard about a foldable MacBook that could launch in 2026, and the company also reportedly has a foldable iPhone in the works with a clamshell design similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. 

Folding iPhone - iMore’s take

A foldable iPhone, iPad, or Mac of some description looks etched into Apple’s future, but I don’t get the hype. I’ve never found myself even vaguely drawn to foldables offered by the likes of Samsung or Motorola. They strike me as quite gimmicky and are certainly more fragile than regular smartphones. If I had to choose, the most enticing of these prospective products would probably be the iPad, given Apple could either massively increase the screen size, or vastly reduce the overall footprint of the device, giving us iPad screen real estate inside an iPhone-sized package. I’m sure Apple will have an interesting take on the infernal downfall of foldable devices, the crease in the middle of the display, but until I see it for retail, color me thoroughly underwhelmed by the rumors. 

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