Everything Apple will announce at WWDC 2024 (probably)

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Apple has finally announced that WWDC 2024 will take place on June 10. While WWDC is actually a week-long conference for developers to take part in workshops and sessions with Apple experts, most people know it and love it for the keynote unveiling of Apple’s forthcoming new software. 

Apple will undoubtedly follow suit again this year, taking to the stage to reveal the next big thing in all of its major product categories, from iPhone to Mac, and everything in between. As such, we have a pretty good idea of what Apple is going to announce at WWDC 2024. Apple has confirmed that WWDC 2024 “will spotlight the latest iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, tvOS, and visionOS advancements,” so what exactly does this mean? Here’s a full rundown.

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The Core - Everything Apple will announce at WWDC 2024 (probably)

iOS 18 - Apple’s new iPhone software has reportedly been dubbed internally as the biggest iPhone update in the company’s history, according to reports. That’s because it will herald Apple's AI revelation. Indeed, Apple has already teased an AI upgrade ahead of the event. We’ve heard Apple won’t debut its own generative AI model, but it could include one from a major partner such as Google or OpenAI. Elsewhere, expect AI tweaks to everyday apps like Pages, Keynote, Apple Music, and Xcode. We’re also expecting RCS support for messaging, and Home Screen customization changes. 

iPadOS 18 - As is often the case, we know less about iPadOS 18 than we do its iPhone counterpart. As the operating systems are very similar, it’s very possible that Apple will offer many of the same upgrades across both. We’d expect at least some of the iPhone’s potent AI offerings to filter through to the iPad. 

macOS 15 - The next iteration of macOS will no doubt have some cryptic California-inspired moniker. Beyond that, we’re again hoping that AI is a focus, just like the iPad and iPhone. There are no clear rumors about specific features as yet, but with Apple silicon more powerful than ever, Apple is making big leaps on the Mac. 

watchOS 11 - We do know that watchOS 11 will be a pretty muted update this year, with Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reporting that the update will be “fairly minor.” Beyond that there are no rumors of specific new features, but Apple did introduce better on-device Siri last year, which could pave the way for some AI-powered Siri improvements. 

tvOS 18 -  tvOS 17 was such a small affair last year that Apple didn’t even mention it during the keynote. However, it did introduce video calls for the first time. We’ll be getting tvOS 18, but rumors of new features are extremely limited. 

visionOS 2 - One of the biggest questions for WWDC 2024 was whether or not Apple would unveil anything for Apple Vision Pro. With Apple confirming “visionOS advancements,” all that remains to be seen is whether that will be a significant update to visionOS 1, or a whole new iteration, visionOS 2. 

M4 chip - Apple has previously unveiled its new M-series chip at WWDC, however its most recent iteration, the M3 series, was unveiled in October. As such, Apple doesn’t always unveil new Apple silicon hardware, and the M3 chip is not that old, making M4 an outside candidate. If Apple does unveil the M4, we’d expect some hardware to go along with it. 

Hardware - Apple has plenty of hardware left in the tank for 2024. Of all the new products Apple could still announce in 2024, the most likely candidates are probably new Macs. The new OLED iPad Pro and iPad Air 6 will likely launch in April. It’s probably too soon for a new MacBook Pro, and the M3 MacBook Air just came out. My money’s on a new Mac mini, or perhaps the M3 Ultra chip inside a new Mac Pro. 

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