Here are the iMore team's best conspiracy theories about Apple's 'Far Out' event

Apple's Far Out event video on YouTube
Apple's "Far Out" event (Image credit: Apple)

Apple's "Far Out" special event is set to kick off next week on Wednesday, September 7. 

In addition to announcing the all-but-confirmed iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro, the company is also rumored to reveal the Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Pro, and even the AirPods Pro 2.

As with any Apple event invite, the internet falls into madness attempting to guess exactly what Apple is hinting at by using the "Far Out" tagline. Just for fun, we went around and asked the iMore team to come up with their best conspiracy theories about the event.

Put on your tin foil hats for this one!

Gerald Lynch - Editor in Chief

We all know an iPhone 14, an iPhone 14 Pro and probably a few max-sized devices will be leaving the stables at Cupertino next week. But where's this long-awaited Apple VR and/or AR headset at? It's been in development for years by all accounts, but there's been very little open and official discussion of it from Apple, bar a short comment from Tim Cook on the potential of the platforms. While the night will definitely be dominated by iPhone, Apple could put a real mic-drop moment to cap its financial quarter if its "one more thing..." for the night was a glimpse of the headset or glasses, even if a full in-depth reveal was to come later.

Christine Romero-Chan - Senior Editor

I think the ‘Far Out’ event means a huge leap in iPhone photography capabilities. The Apple logo on the invite kind of looks like stars, so perhaps the iPhone is finally getting an astrophotography mode like some Android competition out there? And I think if that’s the case, then we should expect a 48-megapixel Wide lens on the iPhone 14 Pro, just like the rumors have been pointing to, because I doubt you can get great astrophotography shots with just 12MP as it is right now.

Stephen Warwick - News Editor

To me, it seems clear that Far Out has some sort of connection to space given the way the invite is styled. I'd gamble on either satellite connectivity or some sort of astrophotography element, as there are reportedly some cool camera upgrades on the way to iPhone 14. Equally, I wouldn't be surprised if it meant Apple was debuting a product that we won't get our hands on for a long time, like a VR headset!

Bryan Wolfe - Staff Writer

Most likely, Apple will demo its long-anticipated VR product. Other that, or this year’s iPhone will be able to fly to the moon thanks to the new A16 Bionic chip.

Luke Filipowicz - Staff Writer

There’s a lot of good theories floating around about what Far Out could mean. I like the idea that Far Out could mean that Apple is going to give us a sneak peek at something in development, but not near finished. Could they show us a glimpse at Apple VR? Or, maybe they will reveal that the Apple Car is indeed coming down the pipeline at some point. I juts like new shiny objects, and it would be cool for Apple to give us a look at something really tantalizing.

Tammy Rogers - Buying Guides and Deals Writer

I think Apple is going to space - or they're going to take us there from our living rooms. With a VR launch, I can see the final frontier being a great way to showcase how forward thinking and exciting Apple is going to be in the virtual reality space. After all, Apple don't join things they don't think they'd be able to shake up! That or the iPhone 14 is going to come in some rad new space themed colors - either way, I'm hyped.

Joe Wituschek - Contributor

I know everyone is leaning into "Far Out" meaning a better zoom lens, astrophotography, or satellite communication, but I don't care — I think Apple is doing a pump fake on all of us. Instead of that, I'm going all-in on the company previewing its rumored VR headset. The thing that has sold me is the augmented reality experience that is part of the invite. The Apple logo flies through you in it! Also, the song that is playing inside the experience has a line that says "Real life, is just a bad dream." I'm happily going to "Charlie in the mail room" level with this one.

We're only days away

We'll all find out soon enough if any of our conspiracy theories play out. Apple is holding its "Far Out" special event on Wednesday, September 7. The live stream will kick off at 10:00 AM PDT.

Joe Wituschek

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