I didn't believe the hype about this Apple TV Plus show — I was so wrong, don't make the same mistake I did

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In the opening scene of Apple TV Plus’ Slow Horses, Gary Oldman’s character Jackson Lamb farts so loudly that he wakes himself up from a nap. As I watched in that instant, I knew that I’d made a terrible mistake. Slow Horses was released in 2022. However, despite its critical acclaim and absolutely intergalactic Rotten Tomatoes scores, I’ve simply never made the time to watch it. 

If you’ve been living under the same rock, Slow Horses is a spy drama that follows a team of misfit MI5 agents (British intelligence) who have all been exiled to an obscure part of the force for various reasons. That might be because they’re insufferable, incompetent, or perhaps for more sinister reasons. The department is headed up by Lamb (Oldman), the department’s experienced and incredibly prickly boss. 

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So just how good is Slow Horses? Well, seasons one, two, and three have Rotten Tomatoes scores of 95%, 100%, and 98% respectively, which is not to be sniffed at. Slow Horses really does have it all, its cast, led by Oldman, Kristin Scott Thomas, Jack Lowden, and Olivia Cooke boasts not only impressive individual displays but also fabulous chemistry. The drama and plot line are rip-roaring and intense, and even the quieter scenes are laced with suspense and intrigue, so much so that my Wife and I felt compelled to binge all six episodes of the first season in one sitting. Visually and stylistically the series is an absolute joy to view, too. Perhaps my favorite thing about Slow Horses, however, is how funny it is. I’ve already mentioned Lamb’s flatulence, which is a theme of the first season. Beyond that, however, Oldman’s character uncorks a series of absolutely first-class one-liners, and there are some brilliant moments of deadpan humor. 

As I said, after barely 10 minutes, I realized that not making the time for Slow Horses had been a huge mistake. One season down, I’m already making time to binge seasons two and three. Just like the first season, they’re only six episodes long, doable in one evening for enthusiasts, or in a week for the more casual viewer. I guarantee you won’t be able to spread it out that long.

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