Logic Pro can now master your mixes on the spot as iPad and Mac versions get major update

Logic Pro update
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Apple has today announced that Logic Pro is getting a significant update on both Mac and iPad with new features including a Mastering Assistant that will let creators analyze and refine their audio ready for release.

In a press release Monday, Apple confirmed that both the Mac and iPad versions of Logic are getting the new Mastering Assistant updated that "offers creators a quick and easy way to add that final professional polish for a release-ready mix."

The Mastering Assistant "can instantly analyze the audio and make expert refinements to the sound, adjusting elements such as the dynamics, frequency balance, timbre, and loudness," all of these elements can then be fine tuned by creators. Logic now supports 32-float recording with compatible interfaces to minimize digital clipping. 

Logic Pro upgrades

Logic Pro for Mac is getting the iPad's Sample Alchemy and Beat Breaker tools, as well as two new sound packs. The iPad version now includes a Quick Sampler plug-in and a new Recorder mode that lets you record audio with the iPad's built-in microphone. There's also Split View support so you can use Logic Pro alongside Voice Memos or Files, and other apps of your choosing. 

Apple's Logic Pro for Mac remains $199 for new users, but this update is free to existing customers. Meanwhile Logic Pro for iPad is $4.99 a month or $49 a year to use, again the update today is free for existing users. Sadly, there's no universal purchase here so you need to purchase each version separately to enjoy both.

It's great to see Apple continuing to invest in Logic, and support for the more recent iPad version, which shows the venture wasn't just a flash in the pan or a passing whim for Apple. It's also very interesting to see the osmosis of features from the touch version to the Mac, and vice versa, with unique features dedicated to each moving to the opposite version. It could be that creating a touchscreen version of the popular music creation suite might be the best thing that ever happened to Logic Pro for Mac.  

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