Viral video captures the moment woman took pet pig into Brazil Apple store and let it poo all over the floor

Apple store Rio
(Image credit: Rodrigo Bethlem)

A woman in Brazil has gone viral on Instagram after taking her pet pig into the Rio De Janeiro Apple store and letting it poo all over the floor. 

The video from Rodrigo Bethlem was spotted by The Daily Mail, which reports that the woman took her pig into the Apple VillageMall store in Rio on a leash. “Footage showed the woman walking out of the store with the pig strapped to a leash and at least seven chunks of feces lying on the floor next to a display table,” the report states, noting customers “could be seen keeping their distance and staring at the woman in shock as she stood near the entrance without showing an intent to remove her four-legged pet's droppings.”

According to the report, one male customer can be heard on the video stating “Man, people have lost their sense, poo in the middle of the store.” Poster Bethlem wrote “A person brings a pig for a walk in the Apple store, and still doesn't (pick up) the poop made by the animal… 'Humanity sick.” (translated)

Pig poo villain comes under fire

As you can imagine, the culprit has come under quite a lot of criticism, before comments on the post were limited, one stated “Really, if you decide to take your pet, you are assuming that you will also be responsible for the cleaning of any (mess) that it makes and also any attack that the animal can make on someone.” (translated) Another stated that “the least a polite and conscious pet owner should do when taking their pet anywhere” is to assume the risk that the animal might curl out the odd dookie or just urinate everywhere. 

Naturally, no one saw fit to blame the poor piggy, with one commenter noting “the problem isn't with the animal, it's with the owner who is totally clueless.” 

The frankly hilarious video shows a swathe of bemused customers in the hunt for an Apple Watch and at least one Apple employee giving major “I don’t get paid enough for this” vibes. Apple stores are normally known for their incredibly clean and sterile environments and their iconic aesthetics, an illusion quickly shattered by farmyard droppings in this case. With Apple Vision Pro pre-orders set to kick off on Friday and in-store try-on appointments available for prospective customers, can you imagine anything that would ruin your first date with spatial computing more than standing in an animal turd? Apple Immersive Video might have an 8K 3D video of the world’s largest rhino sanctuary coming to Vision Pro, but I think we can draw the line at getting any closer than that. 

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