Apple's Black Friday iTunes (RED) gift card promotion is live!

Apple is once again offering Product (RED) iTunes gift cards with the purchase of any qualifying iPod, iPhone, iPad, and Mac bought on Black Friday. The promotion is now live in the U.S., and here's how it works:

  • $25 for an iPod, Apple TV, or Beats by Dr. Dre headphones.
  • $50 for an iPhone or iPad
  • $100 for a Mac

Apple, in conjunction with developers, is also donating a percentage of App Store revenue from the sale or in-app purchase of 25 popular apps, and will be donating part of the profits from Cyber Monday sales as well.

The Black Friday deal is U.S. only, but the Cyber Monday donations will be international. So, if you can't get a gift card in your country today, you can still help contribute to AIDS research on Monday.