Apple Magsafe Battery Pack Iphone 12 Pro AttachedSource: Christine Romero-Chan / iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple's MagSafe Battery Pack has received a new firmware update for reasons unknown.
  • Your battery pack will automatically update itself when connected to your iPhone.

Apple's popular, if somewhat inelegant MagSafe Battery Pack is already the best iPhone charging solution around and now it's even better. At least, that's the assumption after it received a new firmware update. Unfortunately, nobody really knows what that update did.

The update was spied by MacRumors, with the new version being 2.5.b.0. For those wondering, version 2.0.2c.0 was the previous one — not that it means a whole lot to anyone outside of Apple.

Like AirPods, there is no way to manually force a firmware update here which means you're just going to have to wait for Apple to perform the magic itself. Keep your iPhone connected to the charger and things should sort themselves out eventually.

Here's how to check which version of MagSafe Battery Pack firmware you're running right now:

  1. Attach the MagSafe Battery Pack to an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13.
  2. Open Settings and tap General.
  3. Tap About and then select MagSafe Battery Pack. Your firmware version will be displayed.

Shout out if your battery pack has been updated and you notice anything new — I'm really curious about what's changed.

Not a fan of the MagSafe Battery Pack? These are some of the best MagSafe portable batteries around right now — and a lot of them are quite a bit cheaper than Apple's charger, too.

It's been a busy time for Apple's firmware updates. The entire AirPods lineup has been updated while even the MagSafe Charger got some love along the way, too.