Apple's landmark Fifth Avenue store to reopen September 20

What you need to know

  • Apple's Fifth Avenue store will reopen on September 20.
  • The opening coincides with the iPhone 11 Pro launch.
  • The store will be "Always Open to Open Minds."

After two years of renovations, Apple on Tuesday announced its landmark Fifth Avenue store will reopen on September 20. That just so happens to be when the iPhone 11 Pro will be available in retail stores across the world.

Apple has been teasing the store's reopening for the past week, unveiling a mesmerizing iridescent cube that's taken New York City by storm. When the store reopens, however, the iridescent film will be taken off and the glass cube will be restored to its former glory.

According to Apple, the revamped location has a much larger space for visitors to explore — and at all hours, too. Apple's Fifth Avenue store is open 24/7, so night owls and early birds can convene to develop their next big idea.

To celebrate the store's reopening, there will be exclusive sessions and a Today at Apple collection called "Fifth Avenue Creates," which will run from September 21-29.

Brandon Russell