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Apple's latest ads tout iPhone design and love

Apple has released two new iPhone commercials that talk up the design of the iPhone and how much people who have one love it. The two ads also signal the start of a new campaign with the tagline "if it's not an iPhone, it's not an iPhone."

The first ad, titled "Hardware & Software," talks up the merits Apple's control over both the hardware and software in the iPhone. The basic gist is that the iPhone experience trumps that of competing platforms because of the way Apple designs the hardware and software to work as one.

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In the second ad, titled "Loved," Apple says that 99% of people who have an iPhone love their iPhone. All of this is set to a background of people having fun on the screens of iPhones.

Both ads finish with the phrase "if it's not an iPhone, it's not an iPhone." If you'd like to check them both out for yourself, we've embedded the ads in the gallery below.

  • I was so confused before this ad. I thought that if it wasn't an iPhone, it might still be an iPhone. Thanks for clearing it up Apple! Sent from the iMore App
  • Not being an iPhone is a good thing these days
  • Not really... Or not more or less than before. If you didn't like the iphone, you will never like the iPhone Sent from the iMore App
  • I didn't really like the iPhone when it came out, and for quite a while after. But the OS has matured where you can do quite a bit on it. Android used to be the king of versatility, and arguably still is, but the gap is narrowing and the iPhone's strong suits (battery, design, cohesiveness) are shining through.
  • Horrible and completely un-Apple tag line. The whole thing sounds like a Samsung commercial.
  • Well, the alternative seems to be that I just don't like the tag line. As 9to5mac points out, "Today’s new ads are also similar to Apple’s iPhone 4 ads, which used the tagline, 'If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone.'"
    Still not a fan, but that makes it hard to call it un-Apple.
  • I've had loads of conversations with people who don't consider themselves geeky, but neeeeeed a smartphone. Many, many of them got a Samsung etc because it was a bit cheaper and "like an iPhone".
  • Just let me delete all the crap from your software... Why do I need Apple watch app when I don't have Apple watch and I am not going to buy? And the other 50 app I can't delete.. It's absurd!
  • Unfortunately they all do that. But i don't think it's duch a big deal, you just hide them in a file somewhere lol Sent from the iMore App
  • I hear what you are saying but the Apple apps take up such little space it would be no difference if they were there or not. The Watch app is 26kb. It is not like they have things on there that slow the phone down like others do.
  • Apple Music too. More bloatware we should have the ability to remove.
  • Great shot at Samsung . They copied the design somewhat and Samsung put their OS on the watches but can't do the phones cause they need Android to stay relevant Sent from the iMore App
  • I am not sure what this means.
  • So how does that make a difference one way or another?
  • Why do the 1% not like their iPhone? Just curious if there was actually a survey or something.
  • This is what I’m wondering. Where did the 99% figure come from?
  • The other 1% REALLY loves their iPhones. (The only time I'll ever be part of the 1%, I suppose. ;-) )
  • The 99% one kinda reminds me of a Surface commercial. Not quite as bad, but still.
  • Can any1 tell me if there will be another iPhone out this year
  • New iPhones out every year since intro. This year the iPhoneS and the iPhoneS Plus. Intro usually in September. Apple doesn't announce this till later, of course. Hush hush