Music app on MacSource: iMore

What you need to know

  • Apple is working on a Music and Podcasts app for Microsoft platforms.
  • It's currently unclear if it will be released on Windows computers or Xbox.

As reported by 9to5Mac, Apple is working on Microsoft platform versions of its Music and Podcasts app. It is currently unclear if the apps are being designed for Windows computers, Xbox, or both.

While the Apple TV app has only come to Xbox so far, as the outlet points out, it would make sense for the Music and Podcast app to come to Windows computers since iTunes, which was also made for Windows, was discontinued.

However, we can easily imagine that these apps will be available for PC users since iTunes was discontinued in 2019 with the release of macOS Catalina. Although Apple still offers an iTunes version for Windows, the app hasn't received new features for some time now, and the experience of accessing Apple Music and Apple Podcasts through iTunes is not good.

Apple TV app on XboxSource: iMore

It only took a few months to go from the first signs of an Apple TV app on Xbox to it materializing on the game console.

Last year, the first signs that Apple was planning to launch the Apple TV app on Microsoft Store were revealed in September, while the app was officially released two months later in November. A similar schedule may apply to Music and Podcasts apps.

The Apple TV app is mostly watched on televisions, so it makes sense that Apple focused in on Xbox as opposed to releasing the app for Windows computers. Although less known, Apple TV+ subscribers can also watch the service through the browser.

It is currently unknown when the apps may roll out to either platform.