Airpods 3 LeakSource: Gizmochina

What you need to know

  • An Apple leaker says that AirPods 3 are "ready to ship".
  • They also said that a new 12.9-inch iPad may outsell the 11-inch version, bucking a recent trend.
  • Kang has a nearly 98% accuracy rating across 134 Apple rumors.

A new snippet from a mysterious, super-accurate Apple leaker says that Apple's new AirPods 3 are "ready to ship".

In a post on Weibo Kang stated:

Everyone is ready to ship the new AirPods shells. Just wait for the real machine to test it. No one knows that it was designed last year until the official announcement .

Earlier this week leaked renders matching earlier photos appeared to show what we expect will be a redesigned pair of AirPods 3 that look more like Apple's AirPods Pro than the previous generations of AirPods. From that report

Apple's rumored AirPods 3, expected to debut in the first half of 2021 and possibly at an event in March, have just had their design leaked again.

From Gizmochina:

Ahead of the launch, we have got our hands on a new set of AirPods 3 renders from suppliers. The design showcased in the renders is likely the final version which will be released in the market for everyone to purchase.

In a separate post, Kang further hinted at rumors of new upcoming iPad Pro models in two sizes, stating that whilst the iPad Pro 11-inch has previously always sold better than the iPad Pro 12.9-inch, that may not be the case this year and that more people will want to try the larger one.

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Whilst Kang is a mysterious, unknown source of information, according to AppleTrack they have shared 134 rumors about Apple, only three of which were incorrect, a 97.8% accuracy rate.

Apple is expected to hold an event on March 23 according to Jon Prosser, where we could see a new iPad Pro, AirPods, AirTags, and even an Apple TV.