Don't work out with AirPods, buy these Beats Flex instead

Beats Flex
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Black Friday may be over, but Cyber Monday is just getting started and there are a huge number of savings to be had on the latest tech.

One such deal we've found is for the Beats Flex wireless earbuds that are reduced by over 40% at Amazon.

With multiple colors available, you can snap up the Beats Flex of your choice for $39.95 -- down $30 from the usual MSRP. While they may not have fit into our best AirPods alternative roundup, they're still worth a look.

Save on these workout-focused AirPod alternatives from Apple

Beats Flex - was $69.95, now $39.95 at Amazon

Beats Flex - was $69.95, now $39.95 at Amazon

Save $30 on these Beats Flex, which are much more comfortable than Apple's AirPods but with much of the same functionality.

They have Apple's W1 chip for quick-pairing and excellent battery life, and can go for 12 hours without a charge - easily long enough for your next workout.

The Beats Flex aren't true wireless earbuds because of the strap that runs between them, but you will find plenty of AirPods-style features.

For one, the Beats Flex have a W1 chip inside the earbuds, meaning you can hold them near your iPhone and pair them instantly. They also offer great battery life, with 12 hours of juice. When you're done, just attach them together to pause playback.

Wondering why they're better for running than AirPods? For one, that strap keeps them from getting lost while you're exercising, and while the Beats Fit Pro have a "fin" on the bud, these are still impressively secure, with multiple tips in the box for a snug fit.

There are more comprehensive on-device controls, too, and while you can find the AirPods discounted down to $79 in the latest Cyber Monday sales, we'd still go for these ahead of them if we were heading on a run or lifting weights.

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