Use Telegram on your Mac? A bug has been found that can hijack your mic and camera

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Users of the Mac version of the messaging app Telegram should double-check when they downloaded and installed it – as the version available from Apple's Mac App Store is vulnerable to malware attacks on your mic and camera.

In a tweet, Telegram admits that there is an issue for those that have certain other parameters filled – and while they are very specific requirements for the issues to crop up, it's a worry all the same.

You have to be in trouble already

The vulnerability was originally spotted by Matt Johansen in a Tweet, who said that the issue was discovered in February. He noted how the app can sidestep a security measure that gives root access to the microphone and camera on your Mac, something that most apps don't have access to.

Root access enables any app to access almost any part of your Mac without your permission, so this was something for Telegram to take notice of.

He goes into detail about the technical issues of the hack, and how it can affect users and their machines. In a particularly dry response, however, Telegram puts some of the concerns of many users to rest.

Telegram says that you have to be infected by Malware with root access to your Mac already, something that it calls in a following tweet, "..a game over scenario for apps."

It goes on to make an interesting comparison: "This issue is the same as saying: "If someone steals your wallet, they will also see the family photos you keep there"."

It has admitted that there's an issue, however, and has said that a new version of its Mac app has been sent to Apple to put back on the App Store so that the hack for the best Macs is no longer a problem.

The fact that you need to be already infected for the hack to be an issue highlights the need for the best antivirus Mac however, so that you can stop issues like this before they become a problem.

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