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If you're wondering where to place your iPhone 13 preorder, AT&T has kicked off several deals that are worth taking a look at. Over there, new and existing customers can get iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, or iPhone 13 Pro for free with trade-in or snag the iPhone 13 Pro Max from just $99.

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iPhone 13 | Up to $800 off

AT&T is giving new and existing customers the chance to save as much as $800 on iPhone 13 models meaning it starts at just $99. An eligible trade-in and unlimited plan is required, though devices as old as the iPhone X will get you the $800 off.

From $0 at AT&T
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iPhone 13 mini | Up to $800 off

Prefer the small-screen iPhone? You can also get it free with trade-in at AT&T with as much as $800 off. That means you can effectively get the 128GB or 256GB device for free.

From $0 at AT&T
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iPhone 13 Pro | Up to $1,000 off

Pro phone fans can still upgrade for $0 with as much as $1,000 off the iPhone 13 Pro. Like the others, this deal requires an eligible trade-in and unlimited plan. The iPhone XS Max is the older Apple device you can trade in for the full discount.

From $0 at AT&T
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iPhone 13 Pro Max | Up to $1,000 off

If you want Apple's top-tier phone, you can't get it for free at AT&T but its preorder deals will get you $1,000 off. That means you're paying as little as $99 for your new phone.

From $99 at AT&T

AT&T's iPhone 13 preorder deals require that you trade in an eligible device that is in good, working condition. Devices as old as the iPhone 7 are accepted, though you won't get the full discount for those.

The oldest Apple device that will get you $800 off is the iPhone XR with the iPhone XS Max being the older model that can net you $1,000 off. Several Android devices are also eligible for this promotion.

You'll also need to take out a 36-month unlimited plan with AT&T for this deal with the discount being applied via monthly bill credits. Should you leave the network within that time. If you switch carriers or cancel your service, you'll be required to foot the rest of the bill for the phone.

These iPhone 13 preorder deals are only available for a limited time. If one takes your fancy, you don't have long to make the most of this promotion.

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