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Social iOS game Revel wins the Big Indie Pitch

Last week’s Apps World was an event dedicated to mobile games and apps - and the craft of making them. Apps World culminated with the Big Indie Pitch, a contest in which game developers pitched their games to members of the press. I look forward to telling you all about my experience with the Pitch very soon.

In the meantime, let’s look at one of the two games that won the Big Indie Pitch. New York-based developer Odin’s Hammer bought their social interaction/photo game Revel to the show. Revel is a unique photo scavenger hunt game in which players take pictures of things in their environment and try to outdo their peers. Revel could be the next big thing in mobile games, and it’s available right now on iOS.

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Apps World: Gubble returns in Gubble Vacation Rush

Back in the late nineties, an arcade-style game called Gubble migrated from PC and Mac to the original Playstation. It starred a little purple alien who hopped around in a pogo stick-like vehicle and solved puzzles with simple tools like hammer and screwdriver. Several years later, developer Actual Entertainment released the first Gubble on iPhone and iPad.

At Apps World in San Francisco this week we met with Actual president Franz Lanzinger to learn about Gubble’s upcoming trip to iOS. The hammer-loving alien will soon star in Gubble Vacation Rush, a 3D endless running game. With a retro character and unique tool-based gameplay mechanics, Vacation Rush is shaping up to be a runner of a different color. See it in action in our hands-on video!

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Apps World: New features coming to Zeebox TV app

This week’s App World event in San Francisco was been dedicated to mobile games and apps. One section of the show – TV Hackfest - specifically showcased apps relating to television and video viewing.

Inside of the TV Hackfest area, we met with Anthony Rose, Co-founder and CTO off Zeebox. Zeebox is a second-screen TV app with features like a customizable TV guide, news feeds for users’ favorite shows, and discussion rooms for those shows. Anthony was kind enough to show us some of the things Zeebox can do and provide iMore with an exclusive look at the iOS update that's due out in a few days.

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iMore heads to Apps World this week to judge at the Big Indie Pitch

iMore has been known to cover a gaming event or two, whether it’s E3, GDC, or even PAX. These shows offer a great chance for us to learn about hot games coming to iOS as well as interview our favorite game developers.

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Injustice players get free credits, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and whole DC cast get battered better than ever!

Injustice: Gods Among Us from Warner Bros. is one of the better mobile fighting games out there. Players get to take on the roles of numerous DC Comics superheroes like Superman, Green Arrow, and Wonder Woman and beat the tar out of enemy heroes and villains, all with simple and intuitive touch controls.

The mobile game’s impressive lineup of characters, sharp graphics, and surprisingly fair free to play structure have made it quite a hit on iOS and Android. In fact, Warner Bros. announced today that Injustice has been played over one billion times across the two mobile platforms. To celebrate that milestone, all players who log in to the game from now until the weekend ends will receive 30,000 free credits. Great time to try Injustice and unlock a character or two, wouldn’t you say?

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Beyond the Dead review: Build a settlement of zombie killers on iOS

There’s no shortage of zombie games in the modern age, not even on mobile. And while zombies lend themselves especially well to action and shooter games, they also pop up in many other genres.  A couple of iOS examples: The Walking Dead is quite a popular adventure game, and cult favorite Zombies!!! mixes the undead with a dice-rolling board game.

Mobile publishing giant GREE has recently tossed its own hat into the world of zombie games with Beyond the Dead. Coming from GREE’s Vancouver-based studio, Beyond the Dead is more of a traditional mobile game than the two titles I just mentioned. But this one’s mixture of card collecting and town building with a zombie apocalypse still makes it worth a look for zombie-loving casual gamers.

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Tanktastic picks up new maps and tanks, gives out MOGA Ace Controllers

When we last looked at Tanktastic, it was pretty much the only game online tank combat game in town for iOS. Faced with more competition nowadays, Ukrainian developer G.H.O.R. Corporation has recently published a major Tanktastic update. They're also giving out MOGA controllers as part of a contest that ends on February 4th. Read on to learn about the contest, plus exclusive details on the update and the future of Tanktastic!

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Rhythm Thief & the Paris Caper dances onto iOS [Updated]

SEGA has been knocking out of the park lately as mobile games go. In the last few months, they’ve released the remastered Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and the robust kart racer Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Transformed on mobile devices. Both games give you the console gaming experience on iPhone or iPad.

Today they follow up with Rhythm Thief & The Paris Caper, a game which came out at retail on the 3DS not long ago. Rhythm Thief combines adventure gaming with a whimsical story and music-based rhythm games to create a totally unique experience. If you enjoy games like the Professor Leyton series and don’t mind paying for them, consider this one a must-buy.

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2020: My Country builds a better city on iOS and Mac

Last year we named Game Insight’s My Country as one of the best simulation games for iPhone. This year, Game Insight followed up with a sequel called 2020: My Country. 2020: My Country initially debuted as an iPad-specific game, but the publisher recently released it for iPhone and Mac OS X as well.

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Tank Domination Review: Fight for the flag on iOS

Game Insight is one of the largest mobile software publishers in Russia, where it organizes the Live Mobile! European Mobile Congress. The publisher – historically known for its casual titles like the My Country series, made its first foray into more serious games with an MMORPG called Dragon Eternity earlier this year.

Now Game Insight returns with their most hardcore title yet: Tank Domination. Similar to Tanktastic and World of Tanks, Tank Domination is a large-scale competitive online game. With 10-against-10 online battles, a large array of realistic tanks, and even the celebrity voice talent of Michael Ironside, Tank Domination aims to be a serious contender in the tank combat genre.

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Wake up to Puzzle Retreat's sliding block puzzles

After a weekend spent lazing around the house, partying, or lazily parting, it can be tough to get your mind sharpened back up for the new work week. What better way to get the brain juices flowing than a devious puzzle game?

Puzzle Retreat is just such a game, coming from Australian developer the Voxel Agents. With more 60 free levels of block-sliding challenge (and many more available for in-app purchase), it will thrill - and stump - even the most intellectual gamer.


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Aztec Antics review: Grab some controllers, unleash local multiplayer!

If you picked up the recently released MOGA Ace Power Controller for iPhone, you probably want games to play with it. Well, Aztec Antics from UK indie developer Bouncing Ball Limited is a classic arcade-style platformer that packs impressive controller support on both iPhone and iPad. With both a selection of single-player levels with which to chase high scores and an assortment of competitive multiplayer levels, this one should appeal to fans of retro games and/or local multiplayer.

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Ahoy there! An all hands-on deck look at Assassin's Creed Pirates for iPad

Last week Ubisoft announced release details for Assassin’s Creed Pirates and there was much rejoicing. Pirates takes place entirely at sea and draws inspiration from Assassin’s Creed IV. Many feel that sailing and piracy were the best parts of the latest console game, which bodes well for the new mobile entry.

We recently visited Ubisoft’s San Francisco office to play a prerelease build of Assassin’s Creed Pirates. Check out iMore’s exclusive hands-on video and our walkthrough of the opening section of the game!

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Skulls of the Shogun arrives on iOS ready to conquer

Skulls of the Shogun is a two-dimensional turn-based strategy game that formerly enjoyed great success on mobile Windows platforms and Xbox 360. Now it comes to iPhone and iPad where it can really shine.

You’ve probably seen plenty of mobile strategy games, but few strategy titles can compare to this one. Beautiful art, a catchy soundtrack, a witty story, and excellent multiplayer features make 17-BIT’s first iOS game a must-buy.

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Embark on a pirate adventure in Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

Hidden object games are a great fit for mobile devices because users can scan around a complex image and directly tap the objects they find. But some gamers want more than just objects to find – they seek a little narrative, a slice of adventure. That’s where the Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure (HOPA) genre comes in.

Of the many HOPA developers working on PC and mobile, Poland-based Artifex Mundi is easily one of the best. Their games feature intriguing premises and beautifully painted scenes. Today we look at Nightmares from the Deep: the Cursed Heart, one of Artifex Mundi’s most popular titles.

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TreSensa brings web-based games to iOS with no muss, very little fuss

Practically every game engine evangelizes how effortlessly it allows developers to port from one platform to another, to say nothing of their fancy graphical features and 3D effects. All very lovely and impressive, no doubt. Then there’s TreSensa, an engine designed to make porting web-based games to iOS and other platforms a snap. TreSensa powers a variety of casual games including Vector Runner Remix, StranDead, and Run and Bun. Read on to learn about these games and the engine that brings them to life.

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Green Jelly dishes up tasty physics puzzles on iPhone and iPad

Physics puzzle games like Cut the Rope tend to do pretty well in mobile devices thanks to their short levels and simple controls.  Russian developer MaxNick has drawn from Cut the Rope’s formula in the past with Spider Jack, a game I liked even better than the original. Their latest physics puzzler Green Jelly shares much in common with games that came before it, plus some unique gameplay mechanics for good measure.

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Mr. Ludo combines a classic board game and office work into one charming iOS game

The classic board game of Ludo goes by many names such as Sorry! and Parcheesi. Thanks to a UK developer called Yo Ambulante, we now have a new iOS version called Mr. Ludo. This particular take still offers the time-honored and simple gameplay that many of us experienced as children, but dresses it up with a clever office-based theme and both local and online multiplayer for up to four players.

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Dragon Realms combines monster collecting, town building, and online battles

Yesterday we looked at Elemental Kingdoms, a card battling RPG. Today we're back with a massively multiplayer online RPG/town-building hybrid called Dragon Realms. The spiritual successor to last year’s Kingdom Age, Dragon Realms was developed internally at GREE’s RPG+ Studio. Hundreds of creatures to collect, cooperative and PVP play, and cross-platform multiplayer make for a lengthy and addictive experience.

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Collect and battle cards, find adventure in Elemental Kingdoms

Last month PC MMO giant Perfect World Entertainment announced that it had entered the mobile gaming business, revealing four upcoming games in the process. Now the first of those games, Elemental Kingdoms is available to download exclusively on iOS. Elemental Kingdoms is a surprisingly deep and robust collectible card game from China-based iFree Studio. Read on to learn about the game’s card combat system, player versus player battles, maze exploration, and much more.

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