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iPhone 3G in Canada: It's What They Don't Say That Might Kill It

We mentioned yesterday that the Canadian Government was poised to bring down the DMCA hammer on us humble citizens, handing the reins of power more overtly than ever to Big Media and Big Telco.

Not so, says the Government, listing off ways in which their new bill is mildly less offensive than it's American progenitor, but I'm struck by what they don't mention. Will cell phone unlocking, including iPhone 3G unlocking, be made illegal? And what about DVD ripping? Can I not take a movie I pay money for and put it into iTunes so I can watch it on my new iPhone 3G? And why, to balance the rights you're stripping from Canadians, have you not long ago introduced a bill to prevent GSM monopolies in the telco industry from charging Canadians among the highest prices in the world for data?

How about that?

(Read on for the full text of the Canadian Government's preemptive email blast)

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iPhone 3G in Italy: Pre-Order Now, No Contract Needed!

In sharp contrast to how the North Americans have started off, the Europeans (yup, including the UK) seem to be handling the whole iPhone 3G "second coming" with a lot more grace and -- frankly -- customer care. Witness Vodafone on the iPhone in Italy:

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iPhone 3G: It's Not About TCO, It's About ROI

I should have put this into my post yesterday about the Top 5 Reasons I'm SO Upgrading to the iPhone 3G, but it didn't completely sink in until just now that this was really an issue for some people. It was that off my radar -- but I guess it shouldn't have been, given this is the blogsphere.

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Jobs Speaks! PA Semi to Replace Infineon and Bump Intel off iPhone Roadmap?

We reported, and reported again, and pondered, and speculated some more about Apple buying Palo Alto Semiconductor (PA Semi), but now Steve Jobs himself has put the rumors to rest with a pretty clear statement as to his intentions:

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iPhone 3G in Canada: $199 + 3 Year Contract + Illegal to Unlock?!

Although Rogers Wireless, the GSM monopoly and hence both de facto and exclusive iPhone 3G carrier in Canada has yet to announce rate plans for Apple's second generation data monster, they have let slip the following in their PR:

Starting July 11, iPhone 3G will sell for $199 for the 8Gb model and $299 for the 16Gb model, on a three-year plan.

That's right, 3 (three!) big years for the contract as opposed to 2 years in the US, or 18 months and even Pay-as-You-Go in Europe. Who said we were the new world?

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Safari 4 to Take Aim at Flash, Beef up Web 2.0 Apps

Hot on the heels of the just released Safari 3.1, some of whose features are reportedly trickling down to baby brother MobileSafari on the iPhone 2.0 firmware, Apple has reportedly begun seeding early builds of Safari 4 (5526.11.2) to developers.

The big news? WebKit's screaming fast SquirelFish Javascript engine is a go, and 53% faster, which will be huge for Web 2.0 apps like Google's... and the newly announced MobileMe service from Apple, of course!

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TiPb vs. TiPb: Top 5 Reasons I'm SO Upgrading to iPhone 3G

Now that the iPhone 3G has been officially announced and the details have been released, we are holding the first ever: TiPb vs TiPb. In the two articles we will detail reasons why we SHOULD upgrade and why we SHOULDN'T upgrade to the iPhone 3G. No hard feelings, No blood spilled, just good old fashioned point-by-point debate.

My first computer was an Apple II. Sure, I flirted with DOS (KDS 7860!), then had a fling with an Amiga before falling in with Windows 3.1 through Vista (now tucked safely away in a VM). But even in the Dark Days, I had a Mac Performa for a while, and now for the last year, I'm back on Mac full time. I say this to show that I don't believe in being loyal to company that just sees me as cash. I believe in a company being loyal to me if they want my cash. They have to earn it. And the moment another company, platform, car manufacturer, game system developer, or cola maker does a better, more innovative job earning my cash -- they get it.

So, for me, just because Apple released a new iPhone didn't mean they "had me at 3G". If they wanted my cash (and my enslavement to a carrier -- more on that later), they had to wow me.

And wow me they did.

Read on the top 5 reasons you SO need to upgrade!

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Thurrott'ling Logos: MobileMe vs. Windows Me

Out of the closest iPhone lover and WinSuperSite maven Paul Thurrott once again proved a picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to just some of the complaints TiPb and our readers have leveled at the new MobileMe branding.

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iPhone Now Even More of a Business "Trojan Horse"?

Warning: We may get medium-geeky here for moment. Adjust your pocket-protectors accordingly.

Apple is using the iPhone to crack their way into the enterprise. No big surprise there. What is surprising, however, is just how Sun Tzu their being about it. How so?

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O2 to Offer iPhone 3G for "Free"?!

Current iPhone user on UK's O2 network eager to get your hands on the hot new iPhone 3G, yeah? Ready to act fast, are you? Willing to sign up for O2's premium £45 or £75 per month plans, eh? If so -- and for a limited time only -- you could qualify for a free iPhone 3G 8GB or 16GB respectively. Cracking deal, innit?

Bargain hunters looking for the £35 plan will have to fork over £99 or £159 for their handsets, as will any newcomers to the platform. Doesn't seem cricket, does it?

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Apple Gives First Hints of OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard has put up a teaser page for their next-generation OS X, 10.6, code-named Snow Leopard. And the features, to put it mildly, are mind blowing:

Exchange support built in, so that iPhone and OS X share common business email, calendar, and contact sync.

64-bit monster, supporting a theoretical 16TB (terabytes!!) of RAM.

Multi-core optimized, using "Grand Central" to chip away at one of the biggest problems in programming: how to really take advantage of multi-core processors.

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iPhone 2.0 SDK Beta 7 + Quicktime 7.5. iTunes 7.7 to Follow!

A New Version of the iPhone SDK is Now Available. Seventh beta version just posted.

So quoth, continuing their breakneck, nigh-unprecedented release pace for the iPhone Software Developer Kit (SDK) and iPhone 2.0 beta firmware.

As always, enterprising developers will likely comb through every string and bit in the new release, looking for new features, and hoping strike gold as they have in the past. I'm still holding my breath for video recording and... cut and paste, but admittedly any new discovery will be welcome.

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Hands on with the iPhone 3G!

Both Engadget and Gizmodo, those lucky [redacteds], got some hands on time with the new iPhone 3G. Ushered into a secret, dimly lit back room and likely surrounded by storm troopers, they came back with the following:

The Good

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iPhone 3G. Now Selling for Just $199

Read that title again, and realize that the iPhone 3G will sell for LESS than the infamous price drop given the original iPhone before the holidays. (Recap: it's started at $599 and was dropped to $399 with early adapters getting an equally infamous $100 Apple Store gift certificate Jobs-a-culpa).

And while the price drop was big news then, the retail price of $199 should be HUGE news today.

At $199, that's HALF the price of the original iPhone at its lowest. It's the SAME price as an 8GB iPod Nano. It's LESS than an iPod Classic, and MUCH LESS than an iPod Touch!

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iPhone Risk Domination: Apple to Launch iPhone 3G in 70+ Countries!

What is best in life?

An iPhone 3G in your pocket, the wind in your hair, and 70+ markets to roam in?


To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their handset users.

Thus Apple dropped the Steve Jobs Keynote BOOM! On the first round of iPhone Risk with news of over 70 regions signed on to carry the all new, all spectacular iPhone 3G. North America and much of Europe are currently set to get the next generation universe dent'er on July 11, with the rest "Coming Soon"/

Blanketing almost all the known continents (sorry Antarctica, see you come 4G!) and countries (with the huge gaping exception of China?), iPhone Risk, post WWDC edition, is now soundly under the "Epic Win" column, even as the scorecard strains under the map-bending load, which we include after the break.

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Apple Launches MobileMe: ActiveSync + Web 2.0 Apps For the Rest of Us!

During the 2008 WWDC Keynote today, Apple VP of Marketing, Phil Schiller, confirmed the rumors of a .Mac maga-revamp in the form of MobileMe.

Apple's answer both to previous critiques of the admittedly out-dated .Mac service, and the expected cloud computing boom (see Android, Google), MobileMe features ActiveSync-like "push" email, calendar, and contacts syncing between your iPhone (or iPod Touch) and your Mac or PC, or via any web browser with some pretty spectacular looking Web 2.0/AJAX style online apps. It also adds photo syncing, clearly targeting consumers.

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Apple Store Down! Apple Store Down!

We repeat, this is not a drill! The Apple Store is Down! Reports are flooding in from all over the globe... Details are sketchy but authorities urge everyone to stay calm and proceed to TiPb where live meta-blog coverage of Steve Jobs' WWDC 2008 Keynote will begin soon.

Now find your loved ones. Cling to them. And hold to hope. The Apple Store WILL be back. And it will once again restore your childlike sense of wonder.

Boom-time approaches people...

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Attack of the iClones: RIM and Samsung Double-Team Clonetacular Edition

Pop Quiz: You're the brain trust up at RIM and Samsung. You know that Apple might just be dropping something hawt today, and last time they did that they set your profitable if complacent industry on its ear, and your execs scrambling to clone catch up. So, your on the precipice of the WWDC 2008 Steve Jobs Keynote -- the only thing anyone has been talking about of late -- what do you do?

If you answered stay quiet and wait for the hype to pass, you're now officially smarter than either RIM or Samsung. Absent something innovative and decidedly non-Apple of their own to announce, better not to announce anything at all.

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WWDC Update: New Apple Store Signs and the Firmware's All Primed?

First up, Engadget reportedly got their techie mitts on a leaked version of the iPhone's (final?) 2.0 firmware and are kind enough to share the following juice details:

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This Week in Smartphone Schadenfreude, June 7th Edition

Not evil twin to Week in Review, not an invasion by Fake Steve, This Week in Smart Phone Schadenfreude brings you all the feel-better news you need about the smartphone world outside Apple’s current media dominator. (Who knew there was such a world? We were just as surprised! Inelegant, interface challenged, keyboardy, crashy, single-touchy place — best not to linger…). Join us as we mock review the big news from last week at our sister sites. Everybody loves sibling rivalry!

In this week's edition: Nothing. Seriously. It's like there's some event on Monday that's blotted out the smartphone sun...

(Okay, fine, maybe there's some small something or other we can dig up. Hit the read link...)

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