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iPhone Risk: Orange EMEApalooza!

French iPhone exclusive, Orange, has just added to the iPhone country count by announcing a deal to bring the (presumably next-gen 3G version) device to:

Austria, Belgium, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, Jordan, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland and Orange’s African markets later this year.

Belgium and Romania are said to be exclusive, but this brings Dominican Republic (maybe), Egypt, Portugal, Switzerland, and South Africa (maybe) into the multi-carrier (co-exclusive or non-exclusive) column and for the first time suggests a previously exclusive region, Austria, may no longer be exclusive!

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AT&T Brings More Speed to the Yard: It's Better Than Yours

Despite the iPhone's Mobile Safari browser rendering pages faster on Edge than many "competing" devices can on lesser browsers with faster connections, the race to speed the feeds continues, and AT&T has not only taken an early lead, but is positively driving towards the 3G finish-line.

Amazing what a little technology (and a billion dollars) can do. cites a recent survey where AT&T's HSDPA trounced EVDO Rev A., averaging 755kbps with bursts peaking at 1.6mbps(!)

In Apple-parlance: It's a screamer.

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Intel Un-leaks: Smashes Puny iTablet Rumors! (Or Do They...?)

Confession: Yes, when one of these crazy AT&T or Intel rumors come up, I draft a rumor-smasher just as soon as I finish the post. Chalk it up to experience.

Case in point: yesterday we (and everyone else in the blogsphere) reported that Intel Germany Geschäftsführer Hannes Schwaderer done let slip word of an Atom-powered iTablet. Or done did he?

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WWDC Sold Out

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you Steven "the Hannah Montana of Tech" Jobs!

No sooner did Apple official announce that their iConic CEO would once again be keynoting the 2008 World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) then the event sold out. First time in history.

(Of course the odd rumor here or there about the release of some doohickey called the iPhone 3G might also have something to do with it as well...)

Don't have your tickets yet? Not to worry! The Jobsnote will no doubt be available via and iTunes, the latter of which will also be posting videos of the sessions for ADC members post-event.

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Intel Leaks: Atom-Powered iTablet Safari Pad Cometh?

True story: before the iPhone, Apple's multi-touch screen mobile efforts were focused on a tablet-like device known internally as Safari Pad. But when El Jobso unleashed his awesome powers of prediction, he saw cell phones coming on so strongly, he shifted Apple's gears -- and mobile OS X Touch development efforts -- to what became the iPhone.

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CEOh-Snap! RIM Boss: Touchscreens Stink -- Let's iClone One!

Ah, comedy, thy name is Lazaridis!

What, you may ask, makes the CEO of Blackberry manufacturer RIM so knee slapping-ly funny? Deadpan Setups (on April 27th) like this:

THERE’S a reason that R.I.M. is averse to the iPhone’s glass pad. “I couldn’t type on it and I still can’t type on it, and a lot of my friends can’t type on it,” says Mike Lazaridis, R.I.M.’s co-chief executive and technological visionary. “It’s hard to type on a piece of glass.”

Followed by absolutely killer punch-lines (on May 13th):

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iPhone Risk: Swiss Timing and iChat + TV Rumors!

Joking that the iPhone Risk map was getting a little crowded up in Europe... turns out not to be a joke anymore:

Swisscom on Wednesday confirmed it will begin selling Apple's iPhone in Switzerland this year, possibly bolstering a recent report on the matter which also stated that the handset would arrive with video conferencing and other fresh features.

What fresh new features? As if borrowing from Kevin Rose's twitter feed, GPS, bi-direction video iChat Mobile, and mobile TV.

Checking the score board:

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Switching to iPhone: How To Get Your Content Into iTunes - Wait-a-Thon!

[Note: This a a Wait-A-Thon post! Comment on this post -- or any post tagged "Wait-a-Thon" -- for your chance to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card! Note that you must post with a valid and real email address so we can send you your prize -- no switching!]

More and more people are switching to the iPhone. They’re switching from Palm and Windows Mobile and even Blackberry (looking at you, Barack Obama!) smartphones to the iPhone. They’re switching carriers to get the iPhone. They’re switching off the carrier-locks just to be able to switch to the iPhone in their own, currently unsupported countries. And now that the next-gen iPhone 3G is all but upon us, and more and more regions are announcing deals to offer it, the switching is only going to get faster and more furious.

To celebrate the switchers, those who dare to phone different, the iPhone Blog wants to help you get your content off your old, perhaps restrictive and outdates systems, and onto iTunes, ready to sync to your new iPhone.

Read on to find out how!

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Mr. Ive Goes To Hollywood: iPhone Designer Designs for Wall-E

Pop quiz, hotshot: You're the acclaimed director of Finding Nemo and a Bug's Life. Your latest project, Wall-E, requires a state-of-the-art-of-design robot straight from the 26th century. What do you do?

If you answered, call your boss Steven P. Jobs, who also happens to run a little, perennially design-award winning, consumer electronics company called Apple, and see if he can hook you up with uber-designer Jonathan Ive, than you, like Andrew Stanton, are correct.

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iObama! iPhone Campaign Sighting

Either sister site jumped the gun in endorsing Barack Obama based on his favorite gadget being a "Blackberry", or the Senator once again proved himself the young, hip, agent of change in ditching last year's Waterloo for some Cupertino chic in the form of the iPhone.

Whether a gift from Oprah, or from El Jobso himself in lieu of campaign donations, this video (after the ad, 1:10 in -- kinda) clearly shows Obama pulling out his elegantly styled iPhone, effortlessly navigating its unmatched user interface, and easily receiving the information he needed.

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Jobsnote Confirmed for WWDC

We all knew it was coming. How could it not? Steve Jobs' keynotes are the legendary, iWork-app defining, AOL Data Center crashing, prediction proliferating, rumor piling, blog bursting, universe denting tech events of our time. But now Apple has gone and made it all nice and official-like:

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AT&T Un-leaks: iPhone Black Taken Back?

AT&T giveth, and AT&T taketh away. Or so they say...

Hot on the heels of an apparent AT&T web glitch that everyone and their blogs assumed leaked something called the "iPhone Black", and some maybe corroboration from a UK accessory web store selling what looks like current gen stock under the "iPhone Black" label, reader Bad Ash points out that the Tilt (and maybe other handsets?) were also being listed as "Black", i.e. "Tilt Black".

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HBO On Your iPhone, Capiche?

Yeah, Chrisey, hang on a minute, I'm conferencing in our mutual friend from Cupertino...

Hello? (Manage, this thing is easy to use!) Hello Stevie? Whoa, there he is... Stevie, It's me Tony. So what do I gotta do to get on this computer thing... this iTunes Chrisey here keeps telling me about?

No, me, I don't know nothing from nothing about it, but Chrisey tells me it's, you know, the next big deal, and we want our taste.

Yeah, I'm using one of your -- what do you call them -- iPhones right now. Never mind how I got it, fell off the back of a truck with 10,000 of its little friends we've already shipped to China, capiche? Let's talk content.

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AT&T Leaks: iPhone Black?

I see a 3G iPhone and it will be painted black
No more aluminum just plastic on the back
How do I know and why will El Jobso certainly freak?
Cause AT&T has once again gone and sprung a leak

Cat's out of the bag and there's no going back
Published on their website something called the iPhone Black
So 2.0 is coming and it'll be on one of them
While others struggle to iClone Apple's gone to the next gen

3G, business, gaming, and App Store fully packed
I look to June and I want my iPhone Black!

[To the tune of, and with profound apologies to, the Rolling Stones: Painted Black]

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iPhone Risk: Australasian Explosion

Thanks to eagle-eyed reader Janric for the tip:

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iPhone 2.0 - 3G Settings!

We all know it's coming. Steve Jobs said so. AT&T said so. Everyone and their blog has posted so. But it's still super sweet to see Apple code confirming it!

Apple Insider (via Chronic Productions) brings word that deep delving the latest iPhone SDK firmware has yet again revealed buried treasure. This time, Beta 5 gives up the strings for 3G:

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This Week in Smartphone Schadenfreude, May 11th Edition

Not evil twin to Phone Different Week in Review, not an invasion by Fake Steve, This Week in Smart Phone Schadenfreude brings you all the feel-better news you need about the smartphone world outside Apple’s current media dominator. (Who knew there was such a world? We were just as surprised! Inelegant, interface challenged, keyboardy, crashy, single-touchy place — best not to linger…). Join us as we mock review the big news from last week at our sister sites. Everybody loves sibling rivalry!

[Note: Due to the dust settling from our mega-merger -- and our subsequent allergies -- we’re keeping it short this week. Just the low-lights.]

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iPhone Reloaded: Architecting an iPhone Server

It is the iPhone, the singular creation upon which Apple's Mobile Wi-Fi platform is predicated. While its primary construct, and ergo heretofore deliberate focus, has been the express realization of an unparalleled client-side experience, it remains at its core irrevocably a UNIX-based operating system and hence capable of infinitely more.

While the sublime profundity of said client-side, and thus end-user, experience continues to approach perfection, anomalous entities -- self-designated 133t hax0rs -- have also succeeded in bending, perhaps even breaking, the iPhone's default parameters with a secondary, decidedly more server-oriented goal, vis-a-vis the porting of Apache, Python, vim, curl, and more apropos this posting: lighttpd.

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Send in the iClones: Philips Xenium x800

Another day, another iClone! This one comes courtesy of the fine folks at Philips, and Gizmodo shares the duplicative details:

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.Mac To Be Revamped Alongside iPhone 2.0?!

Updating yesterday's story about .Mac getting the push-email treatment in iPhone 2.0, TUAW's tipsters are back with this little gem:

According to our anonymous tipster, .Mac will undergo a complete revamp that will coincide with the iPhone 2.0 launch (which everyone expects to occur at WWDC 08).

Again with the asking and receiving, eh?

Rumored highlights for the updated .Mac include full wireless (cell + wifi?) calendar, contacts, and email (an Apple Exchange anyone?) and .Mac support for -- you guessed it! -- Windows.

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