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JAR! Blogging 1.1.4 Jailbreak

Real nice, Bohn. Fine. Let's do this.

As most probably know, Canada doesn't have the iPhone. Well, we do, but it's a cr@ppy piece of VoIP. Nothing near as revolutionary or useful as Le Steve's little universe denter. We also have a GSM monopoly with data rates so high Warren Buffet wants no part of them. (A national newspaper once calculated that to even approach an AT&T type iPhone plan on Rogers would cost well over $1000 a month, and would still offer less service).

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US iPhone Shortage... Due to INTL Pirates?

As previously mentioned, US Apple Store's have been surprisingly (or suspiciously) out of iPhone stock lately.

Some have speculated that this is due to the immanent release of a 3G iPhone, others have cited atypical supply chain management issues, component shortages, or shipping problems.

In a long post based on info from an anonymous source nom-de-tip'd, Tantrum, Roughly Drafted brings a third option to the table: Pirates. (JAR!)

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Survey Says! iPhone Fun Facts and Figures

460 iPhone users surveyed, top answers on the board. Hands on the buzzers, people!

Survey says!

80% Satisfaction level. 72% daily email use. 55% increased web browsing. 60% use the iPhone for some previous laptop functions. 50% have added at least 1 application at some point. 40% would like to add 3rd party apps. 40% would love them some Flash.

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AT&T Mobility CEO Speaks: iPhone 3G Coming "in Months"

Gizmodo reports they "did lunch" with AT&T, where CEO of Mobility, Ralph de La Vega dropped the 3G bomb:

He had mentioned earlier in the event that he expected all of their smart integrated devices to be 3G in the next couple months. Sascha Segan from PC Mag asked it that included the iPhone. De la Vega responded, "Let me repeat what I said: I think that you're going to see our integrated devices be 3G devices in the not-too-distant future, and I mean months. That should be clear enough."

Clear as slightly less than crystal, but then pretty much everyone and their rss-feed has been expecting as much...

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Thurrott'ling Windows Mobile: Take 2

Sure, die hard Windows pundit Paul Thurrott has already stepped out of the iPhone closet, skewering Windows Mobile both in his blog and in a (cold medicine induced?) tirade during the Windows Weekly podcast on the TWiT network.

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Send in the iClones: Killer Instinct?!

Let's see, another day, another trade show, another shameless iPhone knockoff...

We've covered (and recovered) the disappointing iPhone-esque stylings of the new Blackberry, and the interwebs have pretty much beaten the Meizu into a sparking, frying pulp, yet it seems the mobile design world just can't get enough of Poppa Jobs' little industry revolutionizer.

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iPhone Inventory Running Low?

Multiple web sources are now reporting that multiple Apple stores are now out of stock on the iPhone, both 8GB and 16GB models. We touched on the New York shortage briefly last weekend, but this shortage seems far more widespread, with little or no news on when stocks will be back at normal levels.

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Everything Old is New at RIM - Wait-a-Thon

Pop quiz, hotshot:

You're the top dog in smart phones with "push" email technology so killer people have likened it to crack. But last year a new kid showed up with a glitzy multi-touch interface and media to die for, and sucked all the buzz out of your room. What do you do? What. Do. You. Do?

If you answered, out innovate them, come up with next year's "it" device, you're correct. You're also clearly (and unfortunately) not the brain-trust at RIM.

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Beta 1.2 is Dead! Long Live Beta 2.0!

According to Engadget, Apple is serving up (yet another?) new beta firmware, this one doing away with the (confusing?) 1.2.0 designation and lining up squarely behind Steve Jobs' announced 2.0 labeling.

Aside from some VPN, mail, and ActiveSync tweaks and re-org's, Engadget can't find much else aside from the shiny new version release, but as June gets closer, no doubt Apple's engineers will get busier!

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iPWND - 2.0 Firmware Beta 2 Hacked (With Video)

JAR! The "Cat and Mouse Game" between the nasty pirates and the royal Cupertino navy seems to have shifted decidedly in the pirates favor, or so says Engadget:

Those crafty kids on the iPhone Dev Team have already hacked the 2.0 firmware, but now they're getting ready to release the oh-so-creatively-named PWNED tool, which takes iPhone hacking to the next level by patching the bootloader to let you load any firmware image you want -- even images not signed by Apple. That means custom patched firmware can now be loaded directly from iTunes, which simplifies the jailbreaking / unlocking process tremendously, and also means that a patched version of the 2.0 firmware is coming soon.

Video after the break!

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Warning! Another Week, Another Flash Rumor!

Yup. Just when ya thought it was safe to read the interwebs again, Gizmodo (via BGR) brings word that -- you guessed it! -- Flash is coming to the iPhone!

"You heard it here first, people! The latest version of the iPhone 2.0 firmware that was just seeded to developers has a YouTube plugin for"

Well, forgive me if I go looking for my iHulk Smash Puny Rumor graphic like immediately, b'okay?

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Rumor: .Mac Coming to iPhone 2.0?

No sooner did our own Chad Garette lay out the case for .Mac syncing via the iPhone, then iPhone Alley, (via TUAW), brings word that El Jobso might be doing just that:

In the just released SDK beta 2, iPhone Alley found a string within a preference bundle that reads: "Syncing with this Dot Mac account will turn off syncing for other Dot Mac accounts and delete any existing synced data." This suggests the possibility of wireless syncing for non-Exchange users.

This would be awesome additional functionality for both the iPhone and for .Mac. 2.0 really can't come fast enough.

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3G Rumorpalooza Roundup!

Even though we already covered the 3G rumor-mill several times this week, it's the grist that just keeps on... er... grist'ing.

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This Week in Smartphone Schadenfreude, March 28th Edition, Wait-a-Thon

[Jobs help us, we're making this an official Wait-a-Thon post! Leave a comment here for you chance to win a $100 iTunes Gift Card! In the meantime, congrats to last week's winner, Dyvim!]

Not evil twin to Phone Different Week in Review, not an invasion by Fake Steve, This Week in Smart Phone Schadenfreude brings you all the feel-better news you need about the smartphone world outside Apple's current media dominator. (Who knew there was such a world? We were just as surprised! Inelegant, interface challenged, keyboardy, crashy, single-touchy place -- best not to linger...). Join us as we mock review the big news from last week at our sister sites. Everybody loves sibling rivalry!

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iPhone Risk: Mexican-do and Whither Netherlands?

Apple Insider points us to two fresh rumors on iPhone launches. First up, in what could be the second North American appearance of El Jobso's revolutionary little phone:

The Mexico City newspaper El Universal alleged on Thursday that multiple dialogs with Apple support would have the iPhone launch on Mexican carrier Telcel in June, in time for Apple's planned version 2.0 firmware.

Next, a potential sixth (6th!) launch for the mighty Europe, this time in the Netherlands:

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Double EDGE'd: Nokia Boosts Data Speed

Nokia Siemens Networks announced that they have developed new software which double the speed of existing EDGE data networks (the type of networks that currently supply carrier-based internet connections to iPhone users worldwide).

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iPhone SDK: Take 2

Literally every source on the interwebs is reporting that Apple has just released Beta 2 of their universe-denting SDK (Software Developers Kit). This new version now sports a working Interface Builder and an update to Xcode 3.1.

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Patents Pondered: Apple Poised to Free Your TV?

You're out with a friend on Wednesday night and hear that, because of the "big game", the season finale of NBC's The Office will be airing later that same night instead of the next as usual.

Panic? Try to rush home? Call your mom and beg her to record it? Hope you can download it off the torrents without getting sued into oblivion?

Nope. You just whip out your trusty iPhone, touch your way through a simple, elegant interface and -- boom! -- EDGE/Wi-Fi sync a new recording schedule back to the DVR-equipped Apple TV in your living room.

When you get home, The Office is recorded and waiting to watch on the big screen. And if you're too tired to finish watching it, you can just shift the content right back to your iPhone (or MacBook Air, or any other iTunes savvy device) and watch it on your way to work the next day.

Sounds like magic, doesn't it? Not according to one of Apple's latest patent filings...

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Rumor: More 3G from Kevin Rose

"Phone different, real posts no gimmicks"

[With apologies to Eminem and - ahem - our readers.]

Rumor's back. Back again. iPhone packed. Tell your friends.
From VP. Close to APPL. Kevin tweets. He's top lvl.
3G soon. GPS spin. Here by June. FTW!
Kevin's back. Back again. {interweb hums}

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RIM Shot: iPhone Jeopardy Update!

We interrupt this episode of RIM, Lose or Draw? for a quick iPhone JEOPARDY update!

Last time, Blackberry "pusher", and outage-plugger extraordinaire Mike Lazaridis took "Post SDK Over-Reactions" for a thousand:

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