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Jobs Speaks... Again! The Fortune Magazine Interview

What with the shareholders meeting yesterday and the SDK event tomorrow, Apple's often reclusive CEO is downright chatty this week!

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Jobs Smash Puny iPhone Flash Rumor!

Also asked and answered at the Apple shareholders meeting covered earlier was a question about the oft-rumored Flash player for iPhone. CEO Steve Jobs put a Goldilocks-esque kibosh to the rumor thusly:

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Jobs Speaks! iPhone News from Apple's Annual Shareholders Meeting

CEO Steve Jobs (with a veritable chorus of board members and execs answering backup), took his annual grilling yesterday courtesy of Apple's shareholders meeting.

Among the iPhone related news:

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China Mobile Smash Puny iPhone Rumors!

As Casey posted earlier today, the he said/he said, on again/off again, non-talk talks between Apple and China's largest GSM provider, China Mobile indicate something may happen eventually, somewhere.

With a mobile market rapidly approaching half a billion, it would be crazy if Apple and China Mobile weren't in talks, right? Right?!

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3G Rumor-mill: Vid Cap, HD Streaming, Real-Time GPS, Turn Lead to Gold!

Monday was analyst prediction day, as RBC Capital analyst Mike Abramsky and Banc of American analyst Scott Craig separately provided the following guestimates on Apple's next gen iPhone:

Abramsky predicts him some amped up CPU, more memory, and the faster 3G speeds that allow for higher def (HD?) video, voice capture, streaming HD video, real-time GPS, and other Trekkie goodness. All this would, coupled with a mid-2008 release, would let Apple blow past 10 million, and hit a potential 11 million unites sold by year end.

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Peering into the iPhone SDK Crystal Ball

Thursday brings the SDK. You know, the one that needs no other identifier. The one that the entire tech-verse has been chomping at the bit for since roughly 0.001 seconds after Steve Jobs slipped the iPhone from his pocket at Macworld 2007.

But that’s all we know: SDK Event March 6th.

We don’t know whether the SDK will be ready to code that very same day, who’ll be given access to it, how they’ll test for it, what type of approval process Apple will require, how apps will be distributed, how they’ll be priced, and most importantly for the end user: whether or not “OMG teh iPhone can has WoW!!11”

However, that doesn’t stop us from guessing!

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O2 Ireland CEO "Defends" Lack of Data, Features

As highlighted earlier, when O2 launches the iPhone on March 14, it will be with only a wee 1GB of data (vs. unlimited in other territories) and nay visual voicemail (standard elsewhere -- indeed cited as a rationale for carrier cooperation read: lock-in).

Now MacNN brings us "justification" from O2 Ireland CEO, Danuta Gray:

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Apple Patent Bingo: iPhone Game Rentals?

In the grand tradition of surveilling Apple's every patent filing for the tiniest hint about just which earth-denting device Steve Jobs will whip out next, Apple Insider (via Trademork) brings word on: methods to auto-detect game compatibility (to make sure you don't accidentally buy a Nano game for your iPhone?), an automatic online backup, data storage, and update service for already-purchased games (Software Update meets .Mac?), as well as a game rental and/or subscription service (expanding the iTunes Movie Rentals model?).

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Avast! 1.1.4 Jailbreak and Unlock Update

Engadget has put together a veritable jolly roger of an update to iPhone firmware 1.1.4 jailbreaking and SIM unlocking.

These methods include the usual scurvy gang of iNdependence 1.4 beta 5 for OS X, Zibri's cross-platform Ziphone 2.5, and a new, and potentially mega-infringing stow-away: iTunes (looks to be purely proof-of-concept at the moment).

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iPhone Helps O2 to Best-Ever Quarter

Based on O2's last quarter earnings report, the iPhone is not only O2's fastest selling device, is not only setting new records for customer satisfaction, but helped contribute towards a 9.5% increase for the last quarter 2007.

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SDK Still Beta, iTunes for Distro, Apple as Gatekeeper, and More...

iLounge brings word that, according to their sources (all familiar with the situation and plans, of course), the upcoming SDK will sport the following "features":

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Texas University: An iPhone for Every Freshman

Apple and education, an historically great market that goes great with Macs. Well now, if Abilene Christian University (ACU) is any precursor, Mobile OS X is about to follow in it's big desktop brother's shoes.

According to Phil Schubert, ACU executive vice president, "an Apple iPhone or iPod touch will become a central part of Abilene Christian University's innovative learning experience this fall when all freshmen are provided one of these converged media devices."

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TiAIN Coating? $299. Turning Your iPhone to Dark Side? Priceless.

iPhone Custom is now offering to coat your iPhone in high quality TiAIN for $299.

And while $299 might sound expensive (same price as a brand new iPod Touch 8GB!), the end result looks impressive enough to tempt higher-end customers and early adapters, longing for a return of the jealous stares they got when flashing their iPhone on Day One.

Purchasing is simple: just eject your SIM, place your iPhone in a pre-labelled shipper, and send it off to iPhone Custom for your choice of black or gold glossy logo and bezel.

The process is also available for iPod Touch and 3G iPod Nano.

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SDK Event to Bring Exchange and Lotus Support?

Again with the Apple Insider analyst tea-leaf reading, we get word from Shaw Wu of American Technology Research that Steve Jobs will spend some time during Thursday's iPhone SDK Event announcing enhanced support for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus corporate email "solutions" (having worked in IT, I'm entitled to add the quotes.)

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Irish iPhones Now Crying? No Unlimited Data or Visual Voice Mail?

As posted (and updated) earlier, O2 has officially launched the iPhone in Ireland, making it the fifth country (after the US, UK, Germany, and France) to enjoy the revolutionary phone and breakthrough internet device... ish...

Apple Insider reports that Irish iPhone plans, unlike all previous iPhone plans DO NOT come with unlimited data or visual voicemail (a feature often touted by Steve Jobs as being a prime example of carrier cooperation and hence, the benefit of exclusivity).

There seems to be two options here:

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USB: 3G iPhone to Launch Q3 2008?

In the always entertaining game of analyst hot potato, Apple Insider brings word from global equity research analyst Nicolas Gaudois who writes that his checks agree with their Apple analyst, Ben Reitzesa's checks, that a 3G HSDPA "will be released by mid-year".

According to Gaudois, current iPhone chip supplier Infineon, in anticipation of the switch, is ramping down production of 2.5G Edge basebands.

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iPhone Risk: Irish iPhones Smiling March 14?

Current exclusive UK iPhone carrier O2 has apparently confirmed to Pocket-lint (via Engadget) that Apple's finest will be launching on Ireland's emerald shores come March 14th.

As with the UK, the device will sell via O2 Retail and Carphone Warehouse, cashing in at €399 (incl. VAT) for the 8GB or €499 (incl. VAT) for the 16GB, with rate plans starting at €45.

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Apple COO Speaks: AT&T Exclusivity, SDK, and more...

Tom Cook, Chief Operating Officer of a little Cupertino company named Apple, spoke at the Goldman Sachs Investment Symposium, mercilessly teasing the faithful with the following bombs:

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US Legislation: You Have the Right to... Unlock Your iPhone?

Representative Ed Mackey (D-Mass) wants to make Apple & ATT (and all other US providers) cry. How? By copying the French. Well, technically, by adopting a law similar to France's which mandates that cell companies "shall offer to consumers the opportunity to purchase subsidy-free wireless customer equipment."

Under this proposal, Apple & ATT would likely be forced to offer an unlocked (and unsubsidized) version of the iPhone. (Bidding to start at US$999?)

Potentially worse for the telcos, it would mandate a level of clarity, detail, and (gasp!) understandability for rate plans, including itemization and disclosure of taxes and early termination fees.

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redsn0w jailbreak software

redsn0w is the current jailbreak utility made available by the iPhone Dev-Team. It's free of charge, updated often, and generally considered one of the best, safest ways to jailbreak your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

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