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WWDC Design Awards to Include iPhone Native + Web Apps

Apple sent out an email yesterday to developers formalizing the 2008 Design Awards set to take place at the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) this June. And this year, continuing their dual bridge/landmark theme, Apple has opened the awards up to the iPhone!

iPhone categories include:

  • iPhone Developer Showcase, for native apps built using the iPhone SDK, feature-complete, ready to run on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or the Sim. (Apple may pick multiple winners in this category.)
  • Best iPhone Web Application, for specifically MobileSafari based Web 2.0 apps. (No word addendum on multi-picks here.)

And to the victorious will go quite the swag bag:

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Patents Pondered: An AT&T-less iPhone World?


Your plane's landing in the middle of nowhere. Scratch that. WAY past the middle of nowhere -- that little state on the other coast you've never been to, where the people have funny accents and McDonald's has menu items you've never seen before.

The pilot flips off the seatbelt light, you whip out your iPhone to make a quick call, and before the bars come up you're greeted with a screen that lists off all the local service providers complete with up-to-the-minute rate information. You flick-scroll to the cheapest one, tap to select, the bars pop up, the network springs to life, and you start your call.

What? Your iPhone doesn't do that? You don't get to pick your service provider? You don't get to choose just-in-time data rates? You're stuck with AT&T 24/7?!

Yeah. That's because you're in the real world, not the world of what might-have-been. Not the world Apple could have created had they gone ahead with a little patent just recently brought to public attention...

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NBC Wants Back on iPhone + More Money + Content Blocking

NBC done gone lost their rainbow peacock'd minds? Maybe, if Gizmodo is properly quoting their Chief Digital Officer, George Kliavkoff:

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3G Crystal Ball: O2 Discounting UK iPhones

Following on a veritable flood of previous "OMG 3G!!11" news and rumors, it now looks confirmed that O2 in the UK has knocked 100 quid off the price of an 8G current generation (2.5G) iPhone 8GB.

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iPhone Wins Big at Engadget 2007 Choice Awards

Mega-blog Engadget handed -- er... posted -- out their 2007 Readers and Editors Choice Awards this week, and Steve Jobs' revolutionary little mobile phone was the big winner with a grand total of 6 Engadget'ies, including the 4 biggest!

  • Readers' Gadget of the Year
  • Editors' Gadget of the Year
  • Readers' Most Anticipated Gadget for 2008 (iPhone 3G)
  • Editors' Most Anticipated Gadget for 2008 (iPhone 3G)
  • Readers' Smartphone of the Year
  • Editors' Smartphone of the Year

Apple also took home honors for desktop (iMac), laptop (MacBook Pro), MP3 player (iPod Touch), and peripheral (keyboard).


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JAR! iPhone Pwnage Hits 1.1

Avast ye scurvy 2.0 firmware -- prepare to be pwned! Erica Sadun of TUAW tells us the cartoon Jobs'ing, Russian slang'ing, custom firmware making, iTunes loading unlock solution has hit version 1.1:

The new tool allows you to add custom packages, logos and fixes EDGE settings under 1.1.4. Either pop over to or choose PwnageTool > Check for Updates (Command-U) directly from the app.

But don't raise the Jolly Roger too soon, rumors are also circulating that Cap'n Jobs is coming about hard, cannon's loaded, and may just be upping the ante soon in the great unloack cat'n'mouse game.

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iPhone Assaulting Microsoft's Dominance?

No sooner are we done asking you if ActiveSync is an "Open" Apple Trojan Horse like Roughly Drafted Magazine suggests then Business Week comes along and wonders aloud if the iPhone is spear-heading an all out assault on Microsoft's workplace dominance.

Willingness to modernize, smaller and more adaptable kernel, rapid to-market ability, and Sun Tzu-like battle strategy are only some of the points Gary Morgenthaler touches on:

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iPhone 2.0: Save Web Images

Have you ever been surfing the real internet on your iPhone, discovered and amazing picture, and wished you could save it to your photo album?

Well, now you can.

Here's how: Touch the image you want to save, hold your finger there for a very long time, and -- boom! -- iPhone will ask you if you want to Save Photo, Go To URL, or Cancel.

It's that easy.

For more information, visit Gizmodo's anonymous tipsters who just love them some digging around in Apple's iPhone 2.0 Beta 3 software.

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Is ActiveSync an "Open" Apple Trojan Horse? - Wait-a-Thon

Roughly Drafted, the passionate little partisan site that could, is back with a look at why Apple would choose to license ActiveSync from Microsoft while at the same time championing more open standards like IMAP and CalDAV with Leopard Server.

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This Week in Smartphone Schadenfreude, April 12th Edition

Not evil twin to Phone Different Week in Review, not an invasion by Fake Steve, This Week in Smart Phone Schadenfreude brings you all the feel-better news you need about the smartphone world outside Apple's current media dominator. (Who knew there was such a world? We were just as surprised! Inelegant, interface challenged, keyboardy, crashy, single-touchy place -- best not to linger...). Join us as we mock review the big news from last week at our sister sites. Everybody loves sibling rivalry!

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The PS3 Connection: NetBlender Releases SDK

Originally taken as a simple iPhone multimedia remote for controlling your Sony Playstation 3, NetBlender has now open the doors to a full blown SDK! Not to be confused with Apple's iPhone SDK, the BD Touch SDK from NetBlender would not only allow for iPhone/iPod Touch control of a networked Blu-Ray player (a la PS3), but bi-drectional connectivity (in ur iPhone beaming digital copiez?), transfer of movie collection data, and the display of blu-ray "extras" directly on the iPhone, etc.

Denny Breitenfeld, CTO of NetBlender, tells Gizmodo:

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iPhone Gaming: Quake This! Redux

Remember that Quake III video running on jailbroken iPod Touches a couple of days ago? Engadget hunted down the developers and wrung us out some more:

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iPhone 2.0: Stereo Bluetooth, GPS, Printers, YouTube, and... Bricking?!

The deep dig into the latest iPhone 2.0 firmware beta 3 continues, with iPhoneBuzz reporting that they've found strings and/or references to A2DP stereo bluetooth support, bluetooth remote control, GPS (internal or external via BT not determinable yet), something to do with printers, Google 411 for Maps, as well as previously rumored YouTube plugin for MobileSafari Touch, the Infineon 3G chipset, and the apparent removal of the previous Nike + Sports references.

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iPhone Risk: Australia's Apps, Mate!


p align="center">

Ars Technica brings word that Australia may just be giving Singapore, the Netherlands, and Mexico a run for their international money in the great race towards the 7th official iPhone launch.

If rumors are to be believed, resellers have been told to say g'day to an UNLOCKED 3G iPhone down-under come the end of June. This would bring our current score to:

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3G Rumors: WWDC Announcement Date and... Price Points?!

3G rumors will never die; just multiply!

Engadget's been on the iPhone the last couple of days like Andy Ihnatko on Internet pants, and they show no signs of slowing down what with this latest 3G rumor:

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2.0 Beta 3: Bring the Search!

OMG!!11 Contactz search FTW!!11

So says Engadget, continuing the excellent 2.0 Beta 3 coverage. Turns out that magnifying glass that was spotted way back when actually does something now, and that something isn't Exchange server queries as some (no names... ok, it was Dieter!) feared, but full-on contact search.

And if that isn't enough, there a new "inbox" style icon on the calendar screen which shows incoming meeting/event requests with the same red circled goodness as new MobileMail or SMS messages.

Check out the full post for screen caps!

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3G Chip Watch: Infineon Inside?

Engadget (via jailbreaking maestros, ZiPhone) is reporting that the newly released iPhone SDK Beta 3 has some code inside that refers to "SGOLD3", which they are guessing may be the upcoming successor to Infineon's S-GOLD-2 chip inside the current iPhone. What will S-GOLD-3 offer?

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iPhone SDK Beta: Take 3

After waking up on Tuesday to face the dreaded Blue-- er... Pink-Screen-of-Death (?!) that signaled the expiry of the 2nd beta release for the iPhone SDK, would-be-developers managed not to go to bed angry as Apple kissed and made-up in the form of SDK Beta 3.

Erica Sadun over on TUAW reports that the latest/greatest weighs in at 1.4GB, or just three-quarters the size of the original beta, with the matching firmware at under 200MB according to a commenter.

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Mossberg Smash Puny 3G Rumors!

After "Uncle" Walt Mossberg teased the interwebs wild with an offhand remark about the iPhone 3G coming within 60 days, Silicon Valley Insider caught up with the Wallstreet Journal's very own Mac Daddy to find out just when we'd be getting that next gen release. Walt's answer: He has no idea.

"If I knew when this date was, why would I announce it in the middle of a sentence at the Finnish embassy, rather than report it in the Wall Street Journal?"

Moreover, Walt doesn't care.

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Send in the iClones: Nokia "Tube" Edition

When the iPhone was introduced, Nokia's first official response was the corporate equivalent of a raspberry (the spitting kind, not the fruit!). Their second official response was to demo a device which so closely mimicked the iPhone that it quite possibly was one.

"If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride," said Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia's Executive VP & General Manager of Multimedia.

Well, proudly copy it they have! The final device, bewilderingly code-named "Tube" is ready for prime-time (or whatever time it is they relegate programs that knock off last season's hits).

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