Automate your holiday lights with Siri and HomeKit!

Ho, ho, HomeKit!
Ho, ho, HomeKit! (Image credit: iMore)

If you decorate your home for the holidays, you can make things a little more futuristic and a lot more interesting by adding some HomeKit accessories to the mix. That way, you can ask Siri to turn on your tree, power down your inflatable reindeer, and set the yard lights to red and green on-demand. You can even automate your holiday lights to turn on at sunset and shut off at sunrise. Going smart with HomeKit is easy—just use some of these plugs and lights we gathered to start to holiday season off right.

Winter wonders

Taking your holiday lighting to the next level with HomeKit can be as easy as screwing in a light bulb or plugging in an outlet. With HomeKit, you can summon the light show with Siri anytime, anywhere, and you can also automate your holiday lights to turn on and off automatically at dawn and dusk.

We love the Wemo Mini for its compact design, which not only looks cleaner than other plugs, but two of them fit in one outlet, maximizing your space. There are also plugs available for the outdoors, including the Meross Outdoor Smart Plug which is an excellent weather-resistant option capable of powering your massive decorations.

Now that you have your gear picked out, it's time to get them set up with HomeKit. Check out our handy guides, how to create automations in the Home app, and how to create scenes in the Home app, to take your holiday display to the next level.

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