BBC iPlayer app for iPad to arrive this Thursday, all set for the iPad 2 high-res screen?

The long overdue BBC iPlayer app will be released on Thursday according to a BBC engineer. Geoff Marshall, an Interactive Operations engineer for the BBC, responsible for the iPlayer services, broke the news via his twitter stream. He also went on to say, “It will take advantage of the higher-res screen that iPad2 has got.” “HD content will look good.” Now we don’t know if this is inside knowledge or just a guess but it is interesting all the same.

The app will only be available for the iPad and streaming will be WiFi only. If you are on a 3G connection you will just be able to browse content. The app will be available in the UK only at launch however the service will launch in the United States in June / July as a paid subscription service.

BBC iPlayer lets you catch up with programmes from the BBC from the past seven days that you may have missed or want to watch again. iPlayer is accessible now via iOS devices through the mobile web version but the iPad app should make it a much nicer experience. We will let you know as soon as the app is available.



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