Beats Studio Buds Charging CaseSource: iThinkDifferent

What you need to know

  • The Beats by Dre Instagram account is teasing something being announced today.
  • This amid more leaks of the unannounced Beats Studio Buds.

Amid more Beats Studio Buds leaks, the Beats by Dre Instagram account has a story up that's teasing a new announcement for today.

While this announcement could be for almost anything, the fact Best Buy already seems set to sell the Beats Studio Buds suggests something is happening. And it's happening soon.

Beats By Dre Instasgram TeaseSource: Beats by Dre

The unannounced earbuds are expected to offer similar functionality to AirPods Pro and at a similar price. I'd expect more colors to be available, however, giving Beats fans more opportunity to match their earbuds to their own aesthetic. Support for "Hey Siri," instant pairing and device switching, and active noise cancelation are all thought to be part of the package but we'll have to wait for something more official before we can talk about battery life expectations. We do know these things will ship with a battery case of some sort, at least.

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No matter how imminent that release might be, AirPods Pro are right here and right now, There are some great AirPods Pro deals to be had as well, so maybe don't hang around for Beats to get its act together and get the real deal today instead!

Will you be picking up a pair of Beats Studio Buds, or are AirPods Pro more your thing? Shout out in the comments and on Twitter to let us know your thoughts. Me? I'm all about those AirPods Pro and AirPods Max, but I'd also love to see more color options available for the former, too.