A new version of the iPod touch came out in May of 2019. This is the seventh generation of the media player. It's a fantastic little gadget and is an absolutely perfect entry device for kids. On Wi-Fi, it pretty much acts exactly like an iPhone. It takes pictures, makes calls, texts, plays videos, and more. Whether you're looking for a dedicated music player for the car or a first-time gadget for the little one, the iPod touch is a great device.

There are very few sales on the iPod touch happening right now. Apple isn't even offering a gift card with purchase. We did, however, manage to find a few places that have a discount on the price of the iPod touch, even if it is just a slight discount.

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Amazon ($10 off)

On Amazon, you can pick up the 7th-generation 32, 128, or 256GB model in most of the color options (some colors are out of stock, depending on the storage size and some options are just not discounted). Stock is already running low and the gold iPod touch is already sold out entirely for all storage capacities. At $10 off, you're not getting the best bargain of all, but it's a discount nonetheless

iPod touch (7th gen)

If you have an Amazon Prime membership, you can get one delivered as early as Tuesday.

B&H ($10 off)

When you buy from B&H, you can take advantage of Apple's TV+ promotional one-year subscription. B&H also includes free two-day shipping and you don't have to have a special account to get it. Right now, you can only get $10 off the 32GB model in space gray, the 128 GB model in gold, pink, silver, or space gray, and the 256 GB model in silver

iPod touch (7th gen)

Get the 1-year TV+ add on and free two-day shipping with the $10 discount at B&H.

Best Buy (up to $60 off 6th gen)

Best Buy has a fantastic deal on the older iPod touch. If you're willing to settle for the A8 instead of A10 processor chip and don't mind being stuck on iOS 12, you can get a pretty darn good bargain on the 6th-generation iPod Touch. From $40 to $60 off the total price, plus one year of TV+ and a three-month subscription to Apple Music. Just be aware that you won't be able to update the operating system beyond iOS 12.

iPod touch (6th gen)

If you don't mind an older model, this is definitely the best possible deal on an iPod touch this year.

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