Best Bluetooth Headphones for iPhone

Why the Bose QC35 are the best

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The best overall noise-canceling package.

As more devices ditch the headphone jack in favor of Bluetooth, NFC, or other near-field communications methods, wireless headphones have become less about novelty than necessity. And as prices go down and noise cancellation becomes more of a standard than a perk, wireless headphones have become an excellent option for folks looking to buy great audio for their iPhone.

The $329 Bose QC35 Series I isn't going to win awards for having the best sound in the world, or the most innovative design. As headphones go, it's actually a pretty conservative package: There are no fancy multitouch controls or wood-paneled ear cones, and you won't find intelligent features like auto-pause built into the headset.

But we love the QC35 precisely because what it does, it does perfectly. After testing dozens of headphones over the last few years, there is no set I love to wear more than the QC35. It's comfortable enough to wear for hours — and its 20-hour battery life ensures that no matter how long you use it, you'll continue to have music or audio streaming in your ears.

We love the Bose QC35 Series I precisely because what it does, it does perfectly.

It's Bose's noise-cancellation technology that elevates a pretty solid piece of kit to "best overall headphone" status, however. It may not have the paused "conversation" modes or touch controls that its competitors boast, eschewing those sometimes-fussy features for rock-solid noise reduction. I've drowned out plane and train engines, café atmosphere, bus exhaust, over-excitable relatives, and even the hum of my own home to disappear into a music cocoon of the QC35's making. The only time I've ever run into issues with the QC35 was listening against heavy wind — a side-effect of the headphone's noise-canceling microphone technology, and something I've seen on almost every headphone with this technology that I've tested.

If you love deep, booming bass, or you crave the futuristic feeling of multitouch controls on your headsets, you may want to look elsewhere for your headphone purchase. But if you need an overall excellent pair of Bluetooth over-ear noise-canceling headphones, you can't go wrong with the QC35s.

Worth noting: There is now a successor to the QC35 Is available, Bose's $349 QC35 II. Both headphones are nigh-identical, though the QC35 II offers a dedicated voice assistant button; unless you truly need that feature, the original QC35 is still our top pick for best Bluetooth headphones.

Bose is best!

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For years, the Bose brand has been the gold standard for active noise-cancelling headphones, and its new Bluetooth over-ear model continues that proud tradition. Though other brands have edged closer to the company's top-tier quality over the years, we still think Bose is the headphone manufacturer to beat.

The QuietComfort 35 Series I (QC35 I for short) was the company's first wireless pair of over-ear noise-cancelling headphones, and it excels in comfort, quality, and muting the outside world. When it comes to rocking a good set with your iPhone for a flight or commute, the QC35 is simply the best.

Bottom line: If you want Bluetooth headphones that deliver on comfort, epic noise cancellation, and overall sound quality, you can't go wrong with the Bose QuietComfort 35 Series I.

Status: Released June 2016; its current successor is the QC 35 II, but the QC35 I is still our overall favorite.

Updated December 2017: The Bose QC35 Series I remains our favorite overall Bluetooth headphone pick for iPhone users.

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