Best Car Chargers for iPad Air 3 iMore 2021

The iPad Air 3 is delightfully thin, trim, and lightweight, but that also makes for a very minimal battery that may not last as long as you'd like. If you're planning on using your tablet 24/7, you might want to consider grabbing one of these car chargers, so you're never out of juice! This lineup offers the best car chargers you'll find for the iPad Air 3.

aukey usb c car charger

Trusted brand: Aukey USB-C PD car charger

Staff Fave

Here's a convenient double feature! Aukey's 36W charger offers both a USB-C port and a USB-A port to charge your favorite devices, including current-generation iPhones and iPads. Plus, you can't go wrong with Aukey - a trusted name in electronics and mobile accessories.

$20 at Amazon

Apple-exclusive: mophie USB-C Car Charger

Straight from Apple's vault of recommendations, mophie's charger has but one USB-C port for fast charging your iPad, or even your MacBook, since its total power is 36W. It's a little pricey for what you get, but if you live and die by Apple's picks, then check it out.

$25 at Apple
Sosche revive car charger

Dual purpose: Scosche reVIVE II Dual USB Car Charger for iPad

Designed to save space, this car charger from Scosche includes a 2.1-Amp USB port for charging your iPad and a 1-Amp USB port for charging additional devices.

$11 at Amazon
maxboost charger

Budget selection: Maxboost 24W USB Smart Car Charger

Available in white and black, this 24W budget charger from Maxboost offers dual smart USB ports making it suitable for various mobile devices. It automatically stops charging when the battery is full to prevent burnout.


Inexpensive but not cheap: RAVPower USB-C car charger

It may be ultra-affordable, but RAVPower's car charger is no slouch. It's made to be durable and features one USB-C port and a USB-A port for other devices. The LED indicator lets you know when things are charging correctly, and RAVPower provides a 30-month warranty.

Stay Juiced

Car chargers for your new iPad come in various forms. Some are modern and future-proof, like the Aukey USB-C car charger, which includes a USB-C port. This is our favorite because it supports even the most recent devices.

Others are more affordable and priced for the budget consumer, such as the inexpensive RAVPower car charger. Regardless, the chargers on this list will get the job done during your next automobile adventure. Especially if you have kids or iPad hogging friends in the car, you'll need the extra juice.

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