Best Cheap Earbuds Under $30 iMore 2022

Earbuds are some of the most popular styles of headphones to carry around, and it's easy to see why. They don't take up a lot of space, they stay in your ears when you need them too, and you can find a decent pair for very cheap. If you're in the market for a super affordable pair of headphones, these cheap earbuds will let you listen to your music where ever you are!

Aukey Wireless Earbids

Best overall: Aukey Wireless Earbuds

Staff Favorite

The Aukey Wireless Earbuds have an 8-hour playtime but are fast-charge capable, so a 15-minute charge that gives them an hour of playback time — top them up quickly when you need juice. They're also sweat-resistant (IPX5), making them a great choice for the gym. Plus, they also use magnetic clasps to magnetically snap around your neck when they aren't in use so that you won't lose track of them.

$25 at Amazon
Anker Soundbuds Curve

Earhook design: Anker SoundBuds Curve

Same IPX7 rating, 10-hour battery life, and Bluetooth 5.0, the Anker SoundBuds Curve offers an Earhook design for those you like to make sure their earbuds are secure no matter what. Plus, they sound fantastic with great warm bass tones.

Apple EarPods

For iPhone users: Apple EarPods (Lightning connector)

If you have a newer iPhone, Apple's EarPods with the Lightning connector is one of the best options for you. It plugs right into the Lightning port on your iPhone, and has inline controls for volume and to control Siri. Even has a microphone so you can take calls with the EarPods.


Enhanced Bass: Sony MDR-XB50AP

If you like your bass to be thumping, the Sony MDR-XB50AP is designed for improved sound isolation that increases the low-end tones, giving you as much pumping bass sound as possible. It also has a tangle-resistant cable that lays flat, so it shouldn't get too messed up when you're carrying them around in your bag or pocket.

Panasonic ErgoFit

Cheapest of the Cheap: Panasonic ErgoFit

If you're looking to get a pair of budget earbuds to replace the ones bundled in your phone's box (if there's a pair included in the first place), then the Panasonic ErgoFit should be at the top of your list. They're affordable, durable, and come in several colors.

Anker Soundbuds Slim

IPX7 Water-Resistant: Anker SoundBuds Slim

Excellent for the gym due to its IPX7 rating — meaning it can withstand being submerged in water — and offering 10-hour battery life, the Anker SoundBuds Slim are fantastic Bluetooth earbuds. They are even sporting Bluetooth 5.0, so its a better connection than older Bluetooth headphones.

From $26 at Amazon
SoundPeats Wireless Earbuds

Truly Wireless: SoundPeats Wireless Earbuds

Truly wireless earbuds that don't have any cord, the SoundPeats Wireless Earbuds can be used individually or together. You don't have to have both in your ears at the same time. While the earbuds themselves only have three hours of charge, the charging case (which doesn't have a cover) gives you another 12 hours of battery life.

Symphonized NRG

Cool Wooden Design: Symphonized NRG

It's not every day you can say you have a pair of wooden headphones, but the Symphonized NRG are just that. The silicone tips come in three different sizes-small, medium, and large — allowing you to find the best fit for you. When you do fit the perfect fit, they offer a nice amount of sound-isolation meaning you should be able to ignore most of the world around you.

From $17 at Amazon

Great Warranty: RHA MA390

A great pair of wired headphones that have inline control for both Siri and Google Assistant, so whether you have an iPhone or Android, they will work perfectly. The RHA MA390 even comes with a three-year warranty, in the odd chance anything goes wrong, you won't be left to deal with it on your own.

$30 at Amazon

Carrying Case Included: Sennheiser CX 100

While Sennheiser is usually better known for making super-high-end headphones, they do have a very affordable pair of earbuds that are simple and effective. The silicone tips come in four sizes —extra small, small, medium, and large — which should allow you to find an optimal fit for your ears and they even come with a mesh carrying case.

Cheap doesn't mean bad

Cheap earbuds like the ones listed above give you the freedom to listen to your tunes on the go, without having to worry about damaging or losing expensive headphones that cost hundreds of dollars. I personally am in love with my pair of Aukey Wireless Earbuds. They sound great for the price and are the perfect gym companion thanks to their IPX5 water-resistant rating, meaning you can get your sweat on!

Of course, if you have a newer iPhone and want to replace the ones that come in the box, the Apple EarPods are a solid choice. The inline remote has a ton of functionality that only Apple can provide.

Lastly, if you truly only care about getting the cheapest headphones available, the Panasonic ErgoFit are the way to go. There's only so much you can expect from a pair of earbuds that cost $8, but somehow the Panasonic ErgoFit manages to be comfortable and sound decent on a budget.

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