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Best Cloth Face Masks 2020

Face Mask Hero
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As long as you're going to be wearing a mask to work or conduct your everyday activities, you might as well get one of the best cloth face masks. Everyone's tastes are different, so you might need to try several different styles to see what feels most comfortable for you. Here are some great options to get you started. Remember, you'll need to password protect your iPhone, since FaceID won't work with your mask on.

So which one should you get?

I was seriously hoping by now that life would be returning to normal and COVID-19 would be just a bad memory. It's not. But we're all in this together and the best way to slow down the coronavirus' spread is by social distancing, handwashing, and wearing a mask. Whether you wear a disposable mask or a cloth mask doesn't matter, just wear a mask! Of course, cloth masks save money in the long run since you can wash and reuse them indefinitely. The best cloth face masks are the ones you'll wear, so keep shopping until you find a style that fits your face shape and can be worn comfortably.

If you like homemade, I'd start with Etsy (opens in new tab), there are just so many styles, sizes, prices, and designs. You'll be sure to find something for yourself and everyone in your family.

If you just want to grab something simple and cheap, go for the Target (opens in new tab) brand masks. With two adult sizes in four color options and a kids' size in three colors as well, you'll be able to outfit the whole family inexpensively.

I find myself reaching for my Pixels Designer Face Masks most often, because they're super comfortable for my face shape and I picked designs that match my wardrobe perfectly. But you do you!