Best Ghostbusters World accessories iMore 2020

Ghostbusters World lets you walk around your city, town, or neighborhood to find, fight, and capture ghosts! If you want to be the best Ghostbuster you can be, you're going to need some gear. Here are the best accessories for Ghostbusters World!

Keep a grip on your phone!: Popsocket

If you're walking around hunting ghosts, you don't want to drop your phone on the ground, and you'll need a comfortable way to hold your phone; a Popsocket will help you in both regards. Plus, there's a ton of different funky and colorful designs to choose from, so feel free to grab one that fits your style!

$10 at Amazon

Minimalist grip: Spigen Style Ring

The Spigen Style Ring functions much like a Popsocket, as in it gives you a comfortable way to wrap your fingers onto the back of your phone and secure it in place. Plus, the Style Ring has a much more minimalist look and style and can even be used as a car mount.

$12 at Amazon

Extra battery power: Anker PowerCore Slim

Playing games on your iPhone for extended periods of time will drain the battery, so carrying around the Anker PowerCore Slim battery bank is a great idea. It packs a 5,000mAh battery and it's very slim making it super portable!

$30 at Amazon

Sound on the go: AUKEY Latitude Wireless Headphones

Make sure you can always hear the ghosts and ghouls you're trying to capture with the AUKEY Latitude wireless headphones. Aukey has built a name for itself over the years with high-quality charging accessories, and now, the company's getting into the audio world. Aukey's wireless earbuds are IPX4 water resistant, have Hi-Fi sound, and are backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee.

$28 at Amazon

Thematic case: Ghost Trap case

If you're going to be a Ghostbuster, you need to look the part! This Ghost Trap case will transform your iPhone into the classic ghost trap from the movies, so no one will doubt your ghostbusting chops!

$26 at Redbubble

Ghostbusters World is a fun AR game that tasks you with capturing ghosts, and if you want to be the one everybody calls for their ghost related problems, you're going to want to grab the right gear! Happy hunting!

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