Best Hubs for the 12-inch MacBook 2022

Best Hubs for the 12-inch MacBook
Best Hubs for the 12-inch MacBook (Image credit: iMore)

Anyone who uses Apple's 12-inch Retina MacBook is probably familiar with the constraints of one-port life on a Mac. You've got a single USB-C port, through which you can both charge your MacBook and send data. The good news is that USB-C is a versatile, reasonably powerful port, so you can also use it to expand your Mac's capabilities using a USB-C hub or dock. These can be especially useful when you're working at home, adding ports, slots, and more to your tiny Mac. Here are the best USB-C hubs for your MacBook.

Is it a hub, adapter, or dock?

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For a solid combination of portability and expandability, the Anker 7-in-1 USB-C hub would be my choice for the MacBook. It has a great selection of ports while maintaining a solid light build that makes it great for travel. It's also less expensive than a lot of other hubs on this list.

Speaking of hubs, you might notice that many of these products are called adapters or docks rather than hubs. But what's the difference. A hub, for instance, gives the idea of a central location, a product with a lot of ports, into which you plug every accessory your Mac might need. A dock, like the OWC USB-C Dock, is generally a type of hub, one that's more suited to desk-based work.

An adapter is generally the opposite of that. An adapter tends to be simple, making your Mac more compatible with a certain type of product. It generally has one or a few ports, and it is often made for a specific purpose. While many of the products on this list call themselves adapters, it's probably best to think of them all as hubs or docks. They all have more versatility and convenience than you'd expect from a simple adapter.

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