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ipad mini 7
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Apple's iPad mini is one of the most popular iPads on the market. Its tiny shape makes it the best iPad for reading, travel, note-taking, and more. However, its small size and low price point preclude frequent updates and exciting new features. As such, we haven't had a new iPad mini since late 2021, that's nearly three years!

Finally, however, the rumor mill is starting to spin when it comes to a brand new iPad mini 7, possibly expected as early as the end of 2024. But what will be coming to this new iPad mini, how much will it cost? And when will it be announced?

As noted, Apple's iPad mini is incredibly small, the smallest and lightest tablet in the Apple lineup. In 2021 it got a massive upgrade with a new design, A15 Bionic chip, 5G, and more. In our iPad mini 6 review we lauded its form factor, design, and cameras, as well as all-important USB-C connectivity. However, the device is not without its flaws. Most notably, the iPad mini 6 suffers from a chronic display issue dubbed "jelly-scrolling", which really takes a shine off the user experience. Fixing that display issue has to be Apple's number one priority with the new iPad mini 7, and there are reports that Apple is taking some steps to alleviate the issue with the next generation. 

Beyond that, the iPad mini 7 will likely be a fairly muted affair. Reporting in May, 2024, Bloomberg's Mark Gurman claims that Apple's iPad mini "won't include much more than a process upgrade." The current devices sports the iPhone 13's A15 Bionic chip. Apple is expected to debut a new M3 iPad Pro and iPad Air 6 with M2 in 2024. If that's the case, the iPad mini 7 seems like a shoo-in for the M1 chip, which came out in 2020. Beyond that, there are plenty of upgrades and changes we'd love to see. That includes newer thinner bezels, a landscape front-facing camera, and more. Here's everything we know about the iPad mini 7. With reports that the iPad mini 7 is in development and possibly tipped for a release by year's end, we might not have too long to wait for Apple's next big thing in small. 

iPad mini 7: Release date rumors

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While renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo stated in December 2022, Kuo reported that Apple was working on an iPad mini and that it would be coming at the end of 2023 or the start of 2024, no new iPad mini has been forthcoming. Apple is reportedly planning a new OLED iPad Pro with M3 and a new iPad Air 6 for a launch in May of 2024. However, we're likely going to have to wait a bit longer for the iPad mini 7. 

Our most recent and best information comes from top insider Mark Gurman. He reports that Apple's iPad mini is in development alongside a new iPad 11, but that neither is likely to arrive before the end of 2024 "at the earliest." As such, a fall launch of the new iPad mini is possible, but don't rule out early 2025 either. 

iPad mini 7: New rumored features

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The last update for the iPad mini was a big one so it's unlikely the iPad mini 7 will be quite as seismic. Instead, it's likely to be a more iterative update. Bloomerg's Mark Gurman reported in May that the new iPad mini 7 "won’t include much more than a processor upgrade."

However, there are a couple of features we're hopeful about. Here's what we're thinking.

Smart Connector:

The iPad mini lacks a smart connector like the bigger iPad models. If Apple were to add one to the next iPad mini, it would bring its feature set in line. Such a connector would mean you could hook up a keyboard like you can with the iPad Pro or the iPad 10th gen. Count on seeing special attachments to expand your options too if this happens.

A diagram of all the features that the Apple M2 chip offers.

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New processor:

There are a couple of different ways that the iPad mini might go with the processor. We have some idea that the processor is going to be the biggest part of the update if the Ming-Chi Kuo report is anything to go by. It could go in a couple of different directions.

The first is the easiest option -- sticking the equivalent phone chip of the time inside the tablet. That could mean the A18 from the upcoming iPhone 16.

Alternatively, we could see an M1 chip in the iPad mini. That way, it would become a shrunk-down version of the iPad Air, allowing for more features to be used. It could make Stage Manager possible, for instance, which is currently only really seen on the iPad Pro and Air. That would make it much more powerful than some might expect. 

There is another option too. Twitter user @frontron shared a discussion from a Korean forum that the chip in the iPad mini 7 could be a beefed-up A15 chip rather than something new. That would mean that instead of the slightly depowered iPhone chip like in the iPad mini 6, it would have a boosted clock speed of 3.23GHz. As a cost-saving measure, this would make sense, although it's worth taking this rumor with a grain of salt, as while FrontTron is reliable, his source might not be.

Whatever happens, we're confident the processor is going to be the biggest upgrade for the iPad mini 7.

The iPad mini displaying Find My app.

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New design:

Given that the iPad mini 6 was a big design shake-up, it's unlikely that the outward appearance of the tablet is going to change at all. More likely is a selection of new colors. The latest iPad 10th gen comes in cool shades like yellow so we might see that with the new iPad mini. Leaks regarding the iPhone 15 Pro suggest a new deep, wine-like red color so we could see the iPad mini 7 available in this color scheme too.

New screen:

One of the biggest problems with the previous iPad mini 6 was the Jelly Scrolling that came with its screen. Users found that when scrolling on the iPad mini 6, there was a small delay on the screen that created a wobbling effect akin to Jelly. It’s due to the refresh rate of the LED screen.

There are reports that Apple won't update the iPad mini 7 to a 120Hz ProMotion display. Instead, Apple is expected to rotate the display materials to make jelly scrolling less pronounced in portrait mode. 

There is a new rumor as well that the next iPad mini might have the OLED panel from the recently released iPad Pro M4 models — and according to reports, it looks like Samsung has already started screen creation ready to be checked by Apple. That could also mean we might see ProMotion, and the final nail in the coffin of the Jelly Scrolling phenomenon.

iPad Mini 7: Price

The iPad mini 6 costs a lot more than the iPad mini 5, so it's unlikely we'll see much of a price increase with the iPad mini 7. Apple tends to increase prices substantially when it's revamped something like with the iPad 10th gen. Iterative updates generally cost similar sums to the previous model. 

If that happens, the iPad mini 7 would retail from around $499, with increases for the cellular version and more storage.

If the rumors about the OLED panel are correct, however, then we might see a rise in the price tag. The newly released iPad Pro models with OLED panels both saw the prices rise by $200, so we might see something similar with the iPad mini 7.

What we’d like to see from the iPad mini 7

The iPad mini continues to be one of our favorite tablets in the iPad lineup, easily deserving its place among the best iPads. Rumors around what might happen next only make us more excited for an update. In the meantime, if you're looking for a currently released iPad, the best iPad deals can help.

Should I wait to upgrade my iPad mini?

We still don't know when the next iPad mini will come out, but it might still be worth waiting. The timeline makes sense to hold fire. At least for a couple more months in case of an event in October. 

Alternatively, you could opt for an iPad Air, although you'll miss out on the smaller form factor. The iPad Pro provides more processing power, but again it's big. If you're desperate for a small tablet, waiting could be worth it.

Will the iPad mini 7 have wireless charging?

With almost every piece of new tech Apple has put out having wireless charging, it's likely the iPad mini 7 will follow suit.

Should I buy an iPad mini 6 now, or wait for the 7?

The iPad mini 6 is still on sale at the moment, but if you want the most up to date model then you should wait for the iPad mini 7 to be released. It looks like it will be coming later this year, so you don't have long to go iPad-less.

Of course, if you want to save money instead then now is a great time to buy an iPad mini 6, as the prices are dropping. Those prices could drop even further over the course of the year so it's well worth keeping an eye on them.

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