Best MagSafe phone grips 2022

With the iPhone 12 lineup, Apple introduced MagSafe, a ring of magnets on the back of the iPhone that opens up a whole new world of accessories. Take advantage, and use a phone grip that attaches magnetically. That way, you're not committed to a permanently adhered phone grip, you can take these on and off as you please. Here are some of the best MagSafe phone grips you can buy.

Which of the best MagSafe phone grips is the most gripping?

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I enjoy using the best MagSafe accessories with my iPhone 13 Pro, and PopSockets makes some of my favorites. I like how the PopGrips themselves can be mixed and matched so you can purchase different accessories and mix and match the grips for different looks. Whether you choose the PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe or you want the added card-carrier with the PopSockets PopWallet Plus for MagSafe, you can't go wrong. Both can be used as a stand as well, for when you want to watch videos on the go.

If you prefer a ring-style grip, I like how the metisinno Magnetic Phone Ring Holder for iPhone 13 12 MagSafe looks like an actual ring! The subtle rhinestones give it a fun look, but it also comes without rhinestones if you prefer something simpler.

Any of these will make a handy grip, just remember you'll need the iPhone 12 or newer for them to work. If you have an older iPhone without the MagSafe capability, check out our list of the best phone grips for iPhone, most of which will work with any model (or any smartphone, for that matter.)