iPhone 6 slim case

Need some light protection, but not a fan of making your iPhone 6 or new 6s any thicker? Keep that slim profile with these top-notch cases. Not only are you making sure your iPhone 6 stays pocketable, but it's staying stylish, too. Maybe you just need the bare minimum amount of case to avoid wobbling your iPhone on the camera when it's flat on a table. As always, if you have any recommendations, sing out in the comments!

1. Tech 21 Classic Check case

Tech21 makes a wide range of cases that employ an impact resistant gel called D3O. Check out how well it works, it's quite impressive. Their Classic Check case is quite slim with easy access to keys and inputs, and maintaining the style of your iPhone 6. Pick up the Classic Check case if you want solid impact protection without the bulk.

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2. Apple Silicone case

iPhone 6 silicone case

If you want simple, slim, light bump protection for your iPhone 6, Apple's own form-fitting silicone skin is a good pick. The bottom remains widely open for access to inputs, while any other buttons around the edge of the phone are easily pressed through the case. Models in black, white, pink, red, green, and blue are available. For the real fanboys, this is one of the few cases that get to have the Apple logo on the back.

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3. TwelveSouth SurfacePad

TwelveSouth offers a smart leather case with credit card sleeves and a smart stand mechanism. The rear flap sticks to your iPhone 6, and can be removed and replaced without any worry of leftover residue. Black, brown, red, and white options are available. The design is especially nice since it leaves three sides of your iPhone open while still offering scratch protection on the front and back.

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4. Maxboost Liquid Skin

Liquid Skin case for iPhone 6

The Liquid Skin case from Maxboost is flexible and clear, allowing a perfect view of your iPhone 6 while providing scratch protection to the rear and sides. On top of adding a barely noticeable amount of bulk, you'll get some added grip; a welcome inclusion for anyone that finds their iPhone 6 a little slippery.

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5. Shumuri Slim Extra

Shumuri Slim Extra

The Shumuri Slim Extra is a mere 0.35 mm thick with a slight bump around the camera to protect it from going face-first on the table. There's also the plain, slightly thinner Slim model that skips the additional camera lip. The transparent frosted texture affords a bit of color while still letting your Apple logo peep through the rear. Nine colors are available, including a clear one if you want to keep things extra-simple.

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Your favorites?

Those are our top picks for barely-there iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s cases. We want to hear what you're using, though. Leave a link in the comments with your iPhone 6 case of choice.