Best Smart Sleeping Masks iMore 2021

Just like a weighted blanket, sleeping masks give you a little extra comfort at bedtime. If you have insomnia or get stress-related headaches, a smart sleeping mask can help. Unlike old-school masks that block out a bit of light, smart masks offer precise light control, sound muting, and more. Get your ZZZZZs back on track with one of the best smart sleeping masks of the year.


Relax your eyes: Breo iSee4

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Your eyes work hard all day long, and sometimes, they need extra special treatment. The Breo iSee4 massages tired eyes with heated air, relaxing them and you. The Breo mask slips over your head with an adjustable strap, and it's comfortable to wear for naps or a full 40 winks. Infrared heat and massaging air pulses work in tandem to increase the blood flow around your skin and eyes to reduce eye strain, puffiness, treat dry eyes, and relieve sinus pressure and headaches. When you need to give your eyes the king of treatments, get the Breo iSee4.

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Joseche Sleep Headphones

Block it all out: Joseche Sleep Headphones

Keep everything out that's preventing you from sleep, and let in only what you want. With Joseche Sleep Headphones, you'll get Bluetooth 5.0 and true HD Hi-Fi sound. Stream your favorite podcast, relaxing music, or nature sounds from your iPhone to put your brain at ease. You get more than 9 hours of the rechargeable battery, so these are also great for unwinding in the middle of a stressful day. This model blocks out light and is size adjustable. If you need a little music to lull you to sleep, these are some of the best smart sleeping masks around.

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Lull yourself to sleep with infrared heat: EyeSense Heated Eye Mask

Allowing your body and mind to relax is more than half the battle of getting a solid eight hours of shuteye. The EyeSense Heated Mask relaxes muscles in the face and around the eyes with infrared light therapy. Just like you do with an electric blanket, you adjust the temperature to your liking. This model from EyeSense also comes with Bluetooth headphones and a built-in microphone. The headphones block out external noises, filling your ears only with what you choose to stream from your Bluetooth device, and the mic lets you make or take calls.

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Low tech, but brainy mask: Manta Sleep Mask

It doesn't have Bluetooth or any way to mute noise, but it does an exceptional job of blocking out light. Billed as a 100% blackout sleep mask, this model from Manta Sleep has adjustable eyecups that mold to your face, preventing any light from getting in. The Manta Sleep mask is breathable and soft and connects with micro hooks that won't snag your hair or your PJs. If you need a blackout mask, this is the best smart sleeping mask for you.


Light up your sleep: Remee Lucid Dream Mask

When you snuggle in under the covers at bedtime, the Remee Lucid Dreaming mask uses a series of smart timers and light patterns to encourage deep, restful dreaming. The light pulse speed and strength is adjustable, but all do the same thing: help you recall vivid dreams and increase the amount of time you spend in the REM sleep cycle. The result is that you end up feeling more well-rested.

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Serenelife Wireless Mask Render Cropped

Best stress reliever: SereneLife Wireless Mask

An adjustable elastic band fits over the back of your head while this ultra-modern mask sits comfortably over the eyes. This advanced SereneLife mask offers up heat, air pressure vibration, and electric eye massaging. You select the mode, and this smart sleeping mask goes to work, relieving eye pain, and stress. This mask is foldable and portable and comes with a rechargeable battery.

Renpho 2.0 Sleep Mask Render Cropped

Give your eyes some love: RENPHO 2.0 Eye Therapy Mask

Renpho has updated its beloved sleeping mask. Version 2.0 is one of the best smart sleeping masks of the year has an eye massager, heat, and compression built right in. You control everything by remote and touch control. Get rid of bags under the eyes with an acupoint massage or soothe stress by listening to music over Bluetooth. This model folds down small, making it ideal for travel or a bedside table drawer.

$72 at Amazon

Comfort your eyes: ASUTRA Weighted Silk Eye Pillow Sleep Mask

Weighted sleep blankets are all the rage. For some, added weight gives a sense of comfort. The ASUTRA Weighted Silk Eye Pillow Sleep Mask has muslin eye pouches that are fillable with flax seeds to add a small amount of weight around the eyes. Since you decide how many flax seeds to use, you control the weight and pressure. The added weight and soothing scent of lavender relieve stress, anxiety, and headaches. For midday power naps or all-night rests, this light-blocking silk mask from ASUTRA is just the ticket to recharging your body.

Sound Oasis Sleep Mask Render Cropped

Put NASA tech to work: Sound Oasis Illumy GTS-3000

The Illumy smart sleep mask from Sound Oasis uses the same light technology developed by NASA to improve sleep. Put this mask on, and you'll see a gradual dimming sunset that nudges your mind and body to rest. In the morning, this mask automatically begins to lighten, mimicking the action of the sudden. Go to sleep and wake gently with one of the best smart sleeping masks from Illumy.

Get your ZZZZs on

The best one-size-fits-all eye mask is the Breo iSee4. This futuristic-looking mask gently massages eyes and skin with air and infrared heat to relieve eye strain, headaches, and sinus pressure so you can concentrate on sleeping.

The Joseche Sleep Headphones are perfect for travel. You can stream music, soothing sounds, or podcasts while drifting off. The mask is cushy soft, attaches over the back of your head, and stays put all night long. This is a rechargeable mask that holds its battery for about nine hours before needing to be juiced up again.

If the idea of struggling to get to sleep stresses you out, the best bang for your money is the RENPHO 2.0 Eye Therapy Mask. Stream relaxing playlists over Bluetooth while heating pads and massagers relax your eyes and soothe achy heads. The RENPHO comes with a case so you can take it with you wherever you go.

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